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My expanders were so big I slept sleeping up or 6...

My expanders were so big I slept sleeping up or 6 months. My skin was so tight it hurt. There is only 1 doctor that would take my insurance. I did not no this would be a 3 year procedure. I did however get some sort of inection a year after first set of implants, my skin was literally falling off. She yanked out implants in office and said I'll see you in 6 months. I had a melt down. Turns out I was allergic to stitching material. I am now happy with my implants. I have had them in for 9 months. She used different stitiching material and had no problems. I am set for nipples June 6 and I will be done. I do wish there would of been a choice of doctors as mine as no bedside manner. She doesn't really talk to me about anything, a yes or no answer and I have never been able to see pictures. I am however thankful for reconstruction. My original surgeon took way too much chest muscle on my side with no cancer. I opted for a double mastectomy as I had just lost my Mom to her 2nd round of breast cancer, my grandmother also passed away from it. It has been a long, long journey but worth it to feel like a woman again...
how the heck does someone rip out your inplants in office?? that sounds horrendous and wouldn't that expose you to infections? did the capsule come out with them?
Congratulations on your results.
After losing your mom and grandmother to breast cancer, I'm glad you opted for the double mastectomy. I just came across another member who did the same thing, without cancer even being detected. You can find her in the June 2014 Breast Reconstruction Forum.

I'm sorry to hear about your allergic reaction to the stitching material. That's all you needed after everything else you had been through. Let us know how the nipple reconstruction goes in June. 

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. Your experience will be helpful to many other women!
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It's been a 3 year process and 8 surgeries.

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