Botox for Frown Lines Between Brows

I'm 31 years old and recently noticed that my 11's...

I'm 31 years old and recently noticed that my 11's are showing! People are always asking what's wrong even when I'm in a great mood. So I decided to get botox. I am very expressive and always raising one brow so I didn't want to lose that... I got 18 units of botox between the brows. It didn't hurt at all.

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Day 2

So it's been 28 hours since my procedure and I can barely see my 11's. I do have a HUGE knot above my left eyebrow that popped up last night, it's very tender. I'm extremely pleased with my results. No more "what's wrong with you?" questions from my friends/family


Thanks for sharing.  I bet the knot goes away, probably just a slight reaction at an injection site, either way keep us posted!

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