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Slim Lipo on Upper, Lower Abdomen and Waist

I decided to write about my slim lipo experience....

I decided to write about my slim lipo experience. Procedure was done 06/15/2010..I'm currently on Day 3. The procedure lasted from 1pm to 6:30pm. I did the upper and lower abdomen, lil bit of the waist, with the total of 2500cc fat removal. Procedure was a breeze; just numb and drainage. Drainage lasted up to the next morning after surgery.

My stomach is balloned and swollen, due to fluids. Hoping to see improvement sooner. Pain is mild, not severe. But you have to take it easy, get well rested. My next app is next week with my plastic surgeon. Wish me luck and many blessings. Keep yall posted


I am really curious to stay apprised of your progress. I am going for a consultation in a little over a month for Slimlipo in the same areas you have had done. I am also considering a little additional in the inner thigh area. I have NEVER had any surgery much less plastic surgery before and I am a little nervous and unsure of whether or not it will be worth it. Did you have general anesthesia? What progress have you seen so far? Thanks for posting!
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hey. sorry for the late response. I've been really focused lately. lol. Well, I'm now 8 weeks post op and the results are getting there. Basically what I've noticed about doing any removal of fat operation, you really have to exercise and diet in order to see results. I'm dieting and exercising and back into a size I WAS IN 5 yrs ago! My stomach does appear smaller, and I will continue to watch what I eat and exercise more often. I am thrilled with my results so far and I will be meeting with my PS next week for a check up. Stay positive :-)
fyi, i did local anesthesia. didn't feel a thing until it kinda weird off and the PS injected more anesthesia (nothing too painful). again, the procedure was a breeze. I can't believe it sometimes, but yes, this was my first operation.
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