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I´ve just came back from my dermatologyst...

I´ve just came back from my dermatologyst office. It wasn´t painful at all. I had local anesthesia applied into my skin. (I fixed my nasogenian folds, and the circles under my eyes)  I´ve to say, I´m 32 years old, and I didn´t look that bad for start.

It´s been 3 hours and I think I look better. It´s not that different, but´s better definitly. I´ll tell you how it goes the next weeks, but so far so good.


Update Nov 15.

It´s been 3 days now. I think I look better, the nasogenian folds are minimun now, and my eyes look better too. But it´not that diferent. I don´t think I look younger, but well I´m just 32. It works, but I´m not going to expend 1000 bucks again for this.

I had restylene injected yesterday he numbed the area with lido creme and proceeded i have nodules unders skin and need actually more I asked him how much he used he said .4ml syringe I looked it up today theres nothing shown under restylene . they come in .5ml syringes I think I have been scammed at 800.00 pop , I will investigate further on this matter
restlyane does come in 0.4ml syringes (however they are ususally overfilled to approx 0.5) however if u spent 800 for this size you were way over charged. most places dont charge that amount for a 1ml syringe
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She´s a great dermatologist

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