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So far I am ecstatatic! Only 2 days out today. Saw...

So far I am ecstatatic! Only 2 days out today. Saw some results immediately after even with all the swelling. Was really swollen.

Procedure was virtually painless as well as afterwards. Had upper & lower abs, sides, and bra rolls done for around $4000.00. Had about 1300cc taken out. I know will have to do situps to maximize results (as recommended).

I am itching alot today. (I guess from healing but taking benadryl for that. I had procedure done because I was very self concious about roll around my middle and wanted a headstart on improving my body. Sides were immediately gone after procedure (that alone makes me ecstatic). Will share photos later. (Have to upload them).

Happy for you! I still do no't see a big result yet. I had to pay 6k for lower and upper abs :( Doctor removed just around 400cc of fat. So sad, maybe I did with a wrong doctor. :(
Looking forward to seeing the pictures!! :)
can't wait for pictures!

  Hi all, Im back with before and after...


Hi all,

Im back with before and after photos. Took me forever to figure out how to include them. Remember these are just one day later and seeing improvements everyday. I was told it will take about 3 months to see maximum results. For me this is a substantial difference and I'm truly excited. No pain, no stitches, no blood, no downtime, no scars and no more big belly and sides hanging over. If I don't get any better I'm satisfied and feel like I got my monies worth although I do expect better results.



Did you have prior recommendations for the surgeon you used for the lipo? What was the name of this surgeon may i ask?

Hi TenderToni, I have been searchig for a doctor inthe atlanta area. Can you please help me out and give me your doctors name. #We have the sdame body shape and I just need a little help. Thank You so much. You can send it in a private matter
hey tendertoni, i am in the atlanta area myself and I would love to have a consultation with your provider. Can you please email me their info? it will be greatly appreciated. thanks and congrats girl!!
sanjosewoman, Well thank you. I am so pleased with my results! Like I mentioned (1)Photos are only one day later (2) there is still lots of swelling (3) I don't care if I don't get any better.....these results are amazing to me. But thank you again for noticing. I didn't have any bruising and I can see improvements everyday. Yes, the doctor was a blessing...she is phenomenal! Today is 6 days out and I still have some numbness in my left side, and the itching has pretty much subsided. I think they say that it takes atleast a month before the swelling really reduces and then your supposed to really see results (imagine that). I have spent the last few years so self concious and depressed about the weight I had accumulated around my middle. Also I am still wearing the compression garment day and night. You said to look at your abdomen, where are your pics? Just hang in there and keep doing what you are supposed to be doing. I know I did read several blogs where people were distraught in the beginning about not being able to see the results early on but when they updated later they had improved.If you have any more questions let me know and I will be posting more photos at some point as an update. TenderToni

Photo Update

Well I had smart lipo from the same dr and my result are upsetting to me. I looked good for about a month. I work out everday and I still don't look good.I had my lipo july 2008 maybe I was one of her first clients but I am not happy!!!!!!!!!!
Wow,Im sorry to hear that. What area did you have done? ANd how much was taken out? I will admit mine is not as great as it was in the first month but still very good results and very noticeable. I don't know what happenend to yours...did you continue to wear the wrap? TenderToni
I had my lower stomach, both sides, and lower back. It was around $5000. Yes, I used the garment and purchased another one. I went back to her and told her that I wasn't happy she sold me the body magic!!!
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