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Had my first treatment 6 days ago and experienced...

Had my first treatment 6 days ago and experienced everything I was told I would: mild to moderate pain from the procedure, with the aid of numbing cream, Percaset and an Adavan; 2 days of fat, red face, swollen eyelids, tightness and some peeling of the skin, and a few white heads and spots around the mouth. Did not leave the house for 2 1/2 days, ventured out to safe zones on the 3rd day, dinner out with friends on the 4th day, and pretty much normal for all intents and purposes on the 5th. I did not expect much in terms of visible results with the first treatment, although people have mentioned to me that my skin looks good, but I'll go the full 4 treatments to see if the sun damage is reversed, pore size reduced, skin texture overall is improved and fine lines have disappeared. I'm certainly not discouraged yet.


I am also wondering where you went for the treatment in Vancouver. How many treatments have you had in total? Still satisfied? I am very interested in getting the procedure. Thanks.
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Hello there, Did you ever get a reply from LVDL? I am also interested in laser resurfacing in Vancouver and want to know the cost, location, and whether the patient was satisfied. Thank you!
I was wondering what clinic you went to in Vancouver
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