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I am 45 years old. I went to my dermatologist...

I am 45 years old. I went to my dermatologist office and had 1 vial of Restylane injected to the veritcal lines above my lips also into my lip line and the nl folds on the sides of my mouth. Extremely painful into lips and above lips! It worked for about a week, apparently I needed 2 vials. Went back for the second vial last week. It seems MUCH better..we'll see how long it lasts
I think so. Definitely go for the nerve block, because it hurts, that area is SO sensitive! But as for as looking at where I got it done. It makes a difference that I can see (no one has said anything) Let me know how yours goes, okay? Susie
I am very interested in how you are doing now. I am about to have restalyne injections in the vertical lines above my upper lip. Is it worth it and is it lasting?
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