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Latisse After Upper Bleph - Southern California

Hi ladies, I had an upper bleph (along with a...

Hi ladies, I had an upper bleph (along with a faclift) 4 months ago. The lashes got a little thin after the surgery so I decided to try latisse after scars healed. Just finished week one and my eyelids are pink! Is this normal? I apply the latisse one drop per eye with a very fine eyeliner brush. Eyes get pretty itchy right after but by morning are OK. Just wondering if this is normal and does it get better. The first few days my eyes got pretty red too but that has stopped. I am blessed with pretty thick lashes naturally but want to fill in where the surgery thinned them out. (not sure why that happened as the scar is nowhere near the lash line.)

I had to stop using it. The lashes were getting too crazy long and some not growing in the right direction! I think I'm going to start over every other day.

Oh my gosh, that same thing happened to my sister! She said the growth was amazing, but that they didn't stay uniform, and grew kind of wild.

Please let us know if going to every other day changes your results.

just wanted to update much of the side effects have stopped and my lashes are all ready growing. I'm only using one drop per day.
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