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My experience was a disaster. I traded in major...

My experience was a disaster. I traded in major blood vessels for hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. In other words stripes on both cheeks. I am so depressed I could die. I wish I never had the procedure done. It was the first time I went to {doctor's name appears above for registered users}. My advise is to stay clear of her. She doesn't know what she is doing. The settings for the laser was way to high. Even after more than two years my face still has stripes. Can anyone recommend a doctor that repairs botched laser procedures. I have had prior successful treatments with different doctor with great results.

Thank you for the suggestion. I've considered Accutane, as my Derm suggested it many times. It has unknown side effects and it doesn't work as well for hormonal acne, which is what I have. Also, you can lose your hair and I don't think it's worth the risk. If it was a 100% guaranteed to work, I may consider it, but it's not worth the risks and side effects.
Thank you for responding. Do you have updated pics, or know the settings that were used? Any acne benefit at all? I have a feeling the settings they used on you were wrong. You shouldn't get any blistering or peeling skin. I had an experimental procedure with Metvixia and red light that went awry (I'll send pics if you want), and I had non-stop cystic acne for 3 months post. Worse than ever before times 10. This was last August and I'm still pink, and still been zero benefit. Added bonus, I now get small, hard, keratin/sebum plugs that I never had before. Dr said this wouldn't happen, and it wouldn't get worse before it gets better. I disagreed, because my acne is more inflammatory as opposed to bacterial, but went against my gut and trusted him anyway. Total debacle. Never again. I only get acne on my chin--hormonal--so at least it wasn't my whole face. I've done everything short of Accutane. I'm so sick of this crap ruining my life I'm seriously considering it, though. I hope the repair works for you!

Just a little side note - we have an Accutane community that you might want to check out. Perhaps reading the reviews and chatting with some of the community members will help you decide if its right for you or not. :)

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