Smooth Face After Threadlift

My face has become visibly smooth after a contour...

My face has become visibly smooth after a contour threadlift. My forehead and cheeks skin had dagged a lot and i needed a fix job as soon as possible. I also wanted something that would give me a long term solution. I have taken botox several times before, but my skin always got back to sagging in a few months. So i needed something more definite than botox. The treatment was relatively painless. I did get a local anesthesia and for later, i was given a mild pain aid medicine. It took abaout 45 minutes for the surgery to get done which was great. I did not have to stay overnight as well. I was home in just a few hours. Due to the medicines, i was told not to drive and so i had taken my sister along. She got me back home and i rested the rest of the evening. I used ice compresses for the next two days which really helped the swelling go down. I saw great results immidiately. My wrinkles had really reduced but since i had a lot of them ( i am almost 60), i went for a contour lift twice to get beter results. I went  2 times in 7 months. By the end of the year, i saw a complete change in my face. It has been almost a year since i got it done and i don't see any signs of aging right now.
Good points here. Both show the importance of using a suite of techniques and procedures to complement the thread lift, which I think isn't sufficient as a stand-alone procedure. I tried less invasive therapies (laser, peels, botox, filler, etc) before opting for a threadlift, and have used all again since. And I'm pleased with my looks now - I've stopped the clock (for now). I have more than one handbag, and more than one tool in my beauty kit!
i had a contour thread done on 2006 the result was great for first 6 months but a slight sagging start to occur around the cheek bone. i have to compliment this with botox and fillers around the cheek and it seem to be working right now. the main question for those threadlifter victims do we get them off / since pulling them out can create another problem when a collagen had already built up around the barbed sutures. its scary to think of not knowing what gona happen..i diidnt have any pimples , pucker or anything as of yet..and its now 2008.. here are my tips for those Threadlifters : 1, buy the youthology massager and magic wand pulse electric stimulator - these are less than @ 200 for both..alternate using does help to tighten and smooth out the skin to compliment the lift. ( do this only after 9 months after getting the threadlift) take some collagen pills, vitamin C n Vitamin E to help built up the collagen faster. 2. after a need to use botox and fillers as this is the time you see some flaws from the will start to see some saggy tear trou and a filler is gtreat like raddiese or restylane 3. for now i am maintening on this plus some effective creams like strevic-tin and prevage. great products ..makes skin smoother.. 4. when skin starts to get dry and rough ..use AHA mask - do a cycle as mention above with household stimulation lifts and you should maintain your tightness n younger lookking.. RN
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