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Juvederm Did Not Work on my Nasolabial Folds

Horrible doctor. All he cares about is money. I...

Horrible doctor. All he cares about is money. I paid cash and was rushed out of his office. Any question I had asked was barely answered correctly. Example, I asked him if I could workout after having Juvederm in naso labial he replied "sure right away". I went with my gut and DIDNT thank god b/c I have read every Dr response on this site which states not to.

I had NO results with the filler, not enough was used or he didn't do it correctly. I was so rushed that the numbing cream didn't take long enough to settle before he did the procedure which was extremely painful (I have a high tolence for pain). He finished, didn't even shake my hand or say goodbye, let alone show me the finished result with a mirror.

I went back to talk about the filler not working and he didn't want to hear it. Only suggesting another syringe. Bad business practice don't go.

That is bad... I went to someone in Manhattan who is also a Plastic Surgeon and had the opposite experience. This guy sounds AWFUL!!!!

Didnt explain enought about procedure.

didnt explain enought about procedure.

On another note, it's eaiser to get a couple of people with you, close friends of your loved one, even very close family members.I hope this helps.

I think I paid 750 for each 1cc vial--I'm not going for a bargain, I went to this PA because he's very good with a needle. If the 1 vial didnt do the trick you may need another. I had one on each side and trust me my folds were not very deep. But if you are male, your skin is thicker and it wont show as much as if your skin were thinner.
You didnt mention how much you received--the success depends on how much they use. If you only are willing to pay for 1 vial and you need 2, you may not be happy with the results. Maybe save up for another vial and have it added. It sounds more like a lack of trust with your PA--maybe you should think of going elsewhere.
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