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Excellent At-Home Results - Smithfield, NC

I ordered a 12.5 percent solution from Ebay. I...

I ordered a 12.5 percent solution from Ebay. I read all the articles I could about the process and watched videos on YouTube. The process is super simple to do at home and the results were really amazing to me after just one peel. I had about a week of gross peeling scabby looking skin, but I kept my face moisturized really well with A and D ointment during the day and Neosporin at night. As the layers of skin came off I could see the results immediately. Many of my fine lines had either disappeared completely or been dramatically reduced. I am 34 years old so my wrinkles were not too bad to begin with but this peel has also helped to even out my skin tone and soften the look of my many freckles. I would DEFINITELY recommend a TCA peel to my friends or anyone else thinking about doing the process or having it done in the office.

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Yes! That is so important. I tried to stay out of the sun completely for the first week. If I had to go out I wore a large hat and large sunglasses and plenty of sunblock. Since most of the original dmage came from the sun, I now know how important it is to keep my skin protected. Should have listened to mom before!
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I use to be really bad about sunblock too. :-/ Live & learn...and peel our skin. ;)

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That is great that your fine lines were reduced so much!! Are you wearing a full sunblock at all times now, or taking some other measures to protect your freshly peeled skin?

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