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Hi I'm 25 years old and am considering...

Hi I'm 25 years old and am considering dermarolling but can't seem to sift through all the reviews to find a definitive answer. When I was a teenager I was always in the sun, always had an amazing tan (in the summer - live in England) and have burnt my face a couple of times. Since the age of 18 I've not really been in the sun and since the age of 20 I have been obsessed with wearing sun cream. I have a really good skin care regime and use retin a on sun induced freckles and wear SPF 50 every day. When I wear make up I do look really young can't go anywhere without my id but I really hate the look of my skin without it. It just looks unclean, clogged, drab and I have visible (albeit quite mild) sun damage on my nose. I have open pores where my nose and for head meet. I have monthly microdermabrasion but it's not doin much. Anyway I'm considering dermaroller to improve the texture and give my skin a boost and thought it was a safe alternative to laser but I've read a couple of things about it makin people's skin deteriorate and making them look older. Can this happen!? I'd really like some impartial advice off people I don't know as I have my consultation next week and when I booked my FREE consultation they were trying to make me put down a 20 pound deposit for the procedure which I hadn't even agreed to get- that's why I want a consultation!! So now I'll just be thinking that they'll advise me to get it anyway whether it's right for me or not. If I don't get this I was thinking of getting a course o superficial peels. Thanks guys :-)


At your young age I wouldnot recommend needling. Really for anyone. Get a strong peel or do lazer and then let your body heal with the help of a professional. This is your face, neddling is like tattoing your face. Sounds like the place that you booked the consult with wants your money more than caring about your needs.
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Thanks so much for replying! Do you think that needling is less safe than laser!? I was looking into that but got put off by all the horror stories about fat loss etc. I think I will go with the peels though I've read less scary things about them x
I have friends who have had lovely success with a derma pen and some who like derma rollers, but I'm told the electric pen is vastly superior. I paid $1500 for 3 sublative rejuvination facials that gave me subtle but acceptable improvement, and the derma rollers/derma pens offer the same results for much less. The concept is to penetrate the epidermis and create a lot of very tiny injuries to the dermal layer which then triggers this layer to start producing collagen and elastin to repair the damage, so 3-4 weeks later, you see the first signs of improvement, and over time the improvement should gradually continue. With ongoing treatments, the skin will continue to regenerate and repair scars, discoloration, loss of volume, and fine lines. The results will never be dramatic, but neither are the results of fraxal laser, dermabrasion, sublative rejuvination, or any other comparable treatment. The big difference is cost. Be very careful with chemical peels, because while I do use and love those, they have a very high likelihood of causing burns, and I once saw some tragic and horrifying "after" pics of an African American woman here in Real Self who had misused a TCA peel and caused 3rd degree burns on her cheeks that scarred her forever. The fact is, there are many, many forms of chemical peels, and if you opt for DIY, the TCA variety can do a lot of damage if you don't know what you are doing. Please resesarch the TCA very well before attempting, get the lowest strength possible, only do small sections (not your entire face) at once time, and be prepared for about 2 weeks of down time. There is also a peel called Miracle Peel that another friend recommended to me very highly which supposedly gives deeper peels than the TCA and is relatively painless (TCA peels burn like you wouldn't believe). At the end of the day, if you opt to use peels or derma pens, "My-M" (an ebay knock-off of the Dermapen), or a derma roller, you have to decide if you want to pay through the nose to see a professional but run less risk of injury, or if you want to do the research and make it a DIY project to save a lot of money and be able to do more treatments for more improvement. The key here is research! Google, Youtube, here, and any other skincare forums you can find. The one downside I have found to this site is that there are too many people who will tell you very scary things to try and get you to pay a fortune for a plastic surgeon since this site is sponsored by so many doctors who are here to promote their practices. I once had a botched botox job done in a clinic, and a plastic surgeon here told me it was due to a pre-existing deformity I needed to have surgically repaired or else botox would never work on me. WHATEVER.... that was total bull. I've had many successful botox treatments, and no "deformity" to repair. Always get a lot of opinions from real people (not just practitioners who are not objective), and proceed with caution while still taking all scare-tactic stories with a grain of salt. If derma rolling were really harmful or dangerous for a 25-year-old, do you really think so many millions of people would continue to do it? Or that so many practices would continue to offer the service? I am pretty sure the FDA would make sure the products were banned and removed from Amazon and eBay! There is a reason it is difficult to get hypodermic syringes and (nearly) impossible to get botox for "DIY" treatments, after all... the risks there are real, so the regulations are very strict. Derma rollers on the other hand... they are misunderstood and misused a lot, but all it takes is a little homework. Best of luck!
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