Smile Lines....

I went to a MD. I was very hesitant to go and do...

I went to a MD. I was very hesitant to go and do something with my face. It bothered me that when I put makeup on it always would make my smile lines worth. It was not bad, but I am just 28 and I don’t think I should have wrinkles :”( not yet anyway! I told doctor I want just improve my smile lines. She offered me to build up my chicks, but I told her I am not interested and still want to look like myself when we done.

It was not painful at all. But they did numb it with a cream. The moment I looked at my face after doctor was done I started frisking out!!! I was thinking – oh my god what did I do!!! I was thinking that it was way too much product. When I got back to work I already had bruises on both sides. It looked like I had way too much product it!

Now 4 day later – it looks great! (Still bruised but covered by makeup) I actually would not mind to get a little more product since I still have very little smile lines left. But it is way better then it was. I am thinking about using Retin A to correct rest of the lines left. I will talk to a doctor and see what she will tell me. the most important thing is pick a good doctor!!!!

What doctor did you go to? I am interested in getting my smile line fix. I also live in california. Thanks.
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