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Yesterday I had my first Smartxide treatment. I...

Yesterday I had my first Smartxide treatment. I read all the comments made by people who had this procedure. I did my homework and went to a very good doctor.

I would have to say, even tho I had the numbing cream on my face for 1 hour prior to the treatment, after the initial pass-over, the dot procedure was a little uncomfortable...Wouldn't say really painful, but from time to time caused me to twitch. I was sent home with anti-inflamatory pills plus another pill to prevent fever blisters/cold sores even tho I never have had such problems. As I said, my doctor is very thorough. Be sure to go to a doctor who has done many procedures and is competent.

I am into my second day, last night didn't sleep too well, due to having to sleep with head elevated and not able to sleep in my usual side positon. This is minor. They recommend Benydryl for swelling and itching. Also extra strength Tylenol should you need it for pain. I have not used either. My face is quite red and I need to keep putting the moisturizer on it to keep it from getting dry.

I am waiting to see how things progress. I will check back in later in the week to let you know. So far, things are fine, don't be anxious, just be prepared.


I never thought of using Benedryl. I really liked my results from the Smartxide treatments I had. I don't think its a severe as some of the other fractional lasers. I think I will probably do it a third time (I may be addicted!). My acne scars have been noticably diminished. I am actually noticing other things about my face that I never paid attention to before as all I saw was the scaring before. People who knew me before the treatment and haven't seen me in awhile have all commented on how improved my skin looks. I hope you get similar or better results and are happy with your treatment. Just remember your face will be slightly swollen for a few weeks which can hid little imperfections. I liked my face filled out as it was in week two. Fat or some other filler injections I think are next on the list. Keep well. Allison
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Dr. Michelle Spenser, Katy, TX Kelliwood Family Health Care Center.

My doctor was very competent and caring. Would recommend her.

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