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Had the laser done on Saturday and began with 60...

Had the laser done on Saturday and began with 60 Minutes of numbing gel while listening to music. Procedure was about 15 minutes. I had Full face, below eyebrows and under chin/jaw with several passes on the areas I had most acne scars (cheeks and chin).

Procedure wasn't painful at all. 1 to 10 in pain level I felt a 4, 5 only in more sensitive areas.

Back in UK (for the moment living in Portugal) I had laser hair removal on my face and that was a 9 pain level. Also noticed that the numbing gel used this time for the Smartxide was much more efficient than the hair removal one. Really felt my face numb - pins and needles all over which was very good. Ask for a strong one.

Today Wednesday - 4 days after, most of the face has peeled and it's all red. Thought that by being a laser would take much longer to peel and the damage would be much more intense (comparing to glycolic acid, Jessner/TCA peels I had done before).

To heal and prescribed by the doctor I am using Uriage Tolederm - Hydra-Soothing Cream, Uriage Cicactive-skin repair fluid . Also Uriage Eau Thermale to cool down the face, but never needed to use it as I never felt any burning sensation.

Also using a lot 100% Emu Oil. It's natural, non-comedogenic (don't clog pores), has sapogens (skin softener), Vitamins A & E with strong anti-inflamatory properties. Used it during the acid peels and my mum uses it daily at night as moisturiser and anti-aging. It leaves your face constantly moist, very good to recover. I do recommend.

Too soon for results but so far so good. And also doctor told me I should do two sessions to see good improvements. Next session will ask to be really aggressive all over.

One thing I don't understand is how people are paying 3000 dollars! For that price I don't think this peel is worth it. For the 600 Euros i've paid it's fine.

hi, i had dot therapy performed yesterday at 2pm. i am 42 yrs old and although my skin is ok i had been having trouble with a follicular infection on my nose for 2 yrs on and off. this had caused some discolouration and i couldnt completely rid my nose of the infection so my dr idvised dot therapy to reduce the discolouration and hopefully get rid of the infection once and for all. to start with i had an anaesthetic cream applied to the face for approx 1hr. the proceedure itself was very painful and you could smell some burnt skin, but the dr wea quick and it only took about 20 mins( i decided to havr thr whole face done). my face felt like it was on fire and i just lay with ice in my face for 3 hrs. then the burning stopped but i still used the ice to reduce the liklihood of swelling. kept putting on leser moisture cream given to me by the dr but seems to make the burning worse. woke today with nil pain but a little swelling so used the ice some more.i have grid marks across my entire face and i darent go face is more brown than red now and starting to feel tight. wouldnt be able to go out with makeup as face is too dry. looking forward tomorrow and the next day. again i am surprised how nuch people are paying for the treatment-i paid 800 aussie dollers aapox 1000 us.
Gold coast girl just want to now f you think its worth doing? Did you have any acne scarring? I just had it done yesterday, had the whole face done with extra zaps on my acne scarring. Dr says i need 2 maybe 3 shots.. hope its all worked out for you...
Which were the settings on the machine you know? The intensity?
Dr. Marta Pereira

Doctor friendliness, efficiency, and post-after concern (like phoning etc) and assuming responsibility in case anything goes wrong.

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