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St. Louis Smartlipo - Done 2x Didn't Work-Dr. Won't Refund

 A local clayton Dr. advertised Smartlipo on...

 A local clayton Dr. advertised Smartlipo on the radio.  I made an appointment for my free consultation.  The woman that I met with assured me that I would be able to acheive a flat stomach, while sitting down, if I had smartlipo done to my upper and lower abs.  First sugery was August 07 with no results by February 08 the Dr. advised he would go in and do it again.  He said sometimes it takes a second treatment for it to work.  So I had it done again only this time he said he used a larger instrument.  The recovery time for this procedure was horribly painful.  I had to take off work for a week.  Bruising, bloody, and couldn't sleep because it was so painful.  It is now 5 months later and I have little to no results. 

I wrote a letter indicating that this didn't work on me and I wanted a refund to pursue other options.  They replied with a no.  Wait til August and we'll see what happens. 

Besides reporting this to the BBB, is there any other action that I can take in order to get a refund.  I'd really like to avoid hiring a lawyer but if that is my only course of action, I will do it..   The only thing I have to show for my 4,200 are 4 small scars on my stomach. 

Any advise would greatly be appreciated.

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Dr in Clayton

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You need to go and see Dr. Ricketts!!!!! Wow amazing results! I have sent 5 girlfriends who all had it done and they look AMAZING!!! I'm sending everyone there.....Ask for Michelle she is the best. She's honest and is there for you forever!! She build friendships and is not there for the money, she made my decision easy....so many doctors out there don't care or it's about the money.....if you want results I recommend Dr. Ricketts
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hi. what is dr.ricketts first name? im located in kcmo. he is in st. louis right?
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do u have any b4 and after pics? thanks
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I am so sorry to hear that i was considering getting Smartlipo done at a place in Clayton called The Lifestyle Center. Is that the place you went to?
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Hello, I sorry to hear about your bad experience. Could you confirm if the procedure was with what doctor and did your procedure include suctioning afterwards? If it is the same MD, I've had several people tell me nothing but good things and they are all very pleased with their results. I have personally seen only one individual, however, she had seen / referred several individuals who are all very happy. Perhaps you can work out an arrangement with the MD to obtain your desired results. Thx for listening! 

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There was suctioning done in both procedures. I need to wait until August to go back for my 6 month pictures. Hopefully at this time the Doctor will work with me. If most of his patients are seeing the promised results, I would imagine that he would not want a patient with a bad experience to ruin his reputation. Thanks for responding but until I know what he will do or not do for me, I'd like to protect his name. If he decides to not work with me then I will be going to the media to share my experience.
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