I am 43 5'8" 122 lbs. - Not Worth the Money - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I see no results 3 months later. i am 43 5'8"...

i see no results 3 months later. i am 43 5'8" 122 lbs, getting thick in the middle and sides. the doctor said he removed 400 cc. the container had about a half inch of fluid in it is all and the doctor tried to say it was because there was very little fat.

for this type of money i would asume to see more results. and anyones belly will look more flat after wearing a compression garmet for a while. i really didnt feel it was worth it and now i regret spending money i couldhave spent better on my kids and i loath making that payment every month for this waste.


Thanks. I will go for my final pictures in 2 weeks.
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At 5'8", 122 lbs, it sounds like you didn't need the procedure at all.
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Good Luck, I hope you will get a refund!
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