Round 2:After Much Thought.. I Did It.. !!! Smartlipo on Abdomen

I had been thinking about it for about two years...

I had been thinking about it for about two years and did much research, on line, and on this site, as well as many consults. I am petite and an avid runner and athelete. I have always been toned and in good shape, however I have never been able to get rid of the extra fat on my abdomen.

The only times it would go away is if I was on a carzy diet and or not eating enough. I did not want to condone that behavior or become unhealthy. I waited two years because I wanted to be sure, that I really wanted the procedure and that the extra fat bothered me enough to warrant cosmetic surgery. I chose my doctor becuase of his manner, his attention and the before and after pictures. Also he had a few very good results on this site.

Additionally, his fees are reasonable for new york. I was very nervous before my procedure and followed the doctors orders closely. I had my blood taken and reviwed two weeks proior, and took my antibiotic. I have heard many people who take bromelain and arnica, but my docotor advised to not include anythin new to my system. he said th body would take care of itself, ad i am inclined to agree. I had the procedure yesterday and I am writing one day post.

The procedure took 1 hour, and i had smart lipo mpx on my sides of the abdomen and the upper and lower abdomen. basically the entire abdomen was treated. I was given a cocktail to relax me, and the worst part was the administration of lidocaine mix, the anesthetic. I went home feeling okay, numb and a little pain only. Since my procedure, I would not descirbe the feeling as pain but a severe soreness and burning. Quite tolerable. I slet most of the night, but the bandages they wrapped me in ( to collect the draining fluid) were pertty uncomfortable and were very tight as they are beneath the garment. I was swelling very much.

This morning, i went in for the follow up, and the bandages were removed. My swelling has went down by 60% and i hope the rest will go down. soon. I am a little over 24 hours out of procedure and i am excited to see results. I will say, that I had only 300cc of fat removed and thus my experience will more than likely be less traumatizing than others who have had more areas and or fat treated. I have pics and will continue uploading as I heal. thanks!!! and i hope this helps~


thank you for sharing....really happy to hear realself made a difference in your research.  best wishes on continued recovery and a happy outcome

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Okay, So I am on Day 4 post op. Not much has...

Okay, So I am on Day 4 post op. Not much has changed really. I am still about 4 lbs over my weight pre-op. The swelling is still very noticeable as are the scabs on the puncture. A little discouraged but still hoping for the best. Any suggestions on replacements for the garment and or any other recovery advice?


Thanks for the post! i'm going to do it next week. i'm so excited..can you tell me who your doctor is? you seems dont have much swelling n brusing and you recover very fast! i have to go to school the next day. i hope i dont need to skip school. I heard from the doctor who said there is no down time. but I saw many posting here saying that the next day is the worst!! i really wanted to know were u able to work the next day? thanks!
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Thanks for posting your experience and pics. Please keep us updated with your progress. We have very similar body types. I am very petite and only weigh 115 pounds but have always had a "pouch" that I can't get rid of. I'm very curious to see your progress. I'm in the NYC area and looking for a doc. I plan on getting this procedure done with in the next few months. Could you tell me about your scaring i.e. how big and where? Also you mentioned your doc did the sides of your abbs was this able to give you more of a waist line or make your waist smaller? Sorry for all the questions lol. Thanks!!:)
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Here are quite a few doctor tips about Smartlipo recovery

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UPDATE--- day 12 Here are some new pics.. the...

UPDATE--- day 12 Here are some new pics.. the swelling has almost gone down all the way. my upper abs have healed better than the lower abs.. but they are doing well :)

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Day 12, 70% swelling gone.. bruising okay

day 12, 70% swelling gone.. bruising okay


hello.. i just had my smartlipo done a week ago.. the dr. gave me the compression garmet and i also bought a rainy compression garmet makes crease and dent.. lumps on my belly.. does that happens to you too?? will it go away over time? thanks!
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send me a message with your email if you want to get more pics thanks!!!
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Also, I hate very healthy..but am still recovering

10-12-10 it has been a ful two months and I an...

10-12-10 it has been a ful two months and I an begining to doubt whether this procedure was worth it. i have a very hard stomach and in places it does not look natural. my left upper ab has less fat than my right. and i notice this every day. on top of that.. i dont see much of a difference. my waist line feels fatty or full of liquid- not sure. and around my belly button is very hard. i have been massaging every day, but the healing does not seem to be distribted evenly. should i still be bumpy? should i still be retaining fluid. I have not gained any weight so it is not the result of my indulgence. if anything i hae gained 1 lb probably in water. i have added pics to show. my before pics seem to look better than my after pics

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Teo months later i am not hopefull. my stomach...

teo months later i am not hopefull. my stomach looks abnormal and not as smooth as before. see pics: the abdomen is larger and wasit is larger ( despite i did not gain weight) it appears i am still swollen, and there is a noticeable dent between my upper and lower abs. my belly button area is very hard and lumpy.. i dont have a smaller waist and finally.. by left upper ab had more fat removed than my right.. it seems that the dent has been the result of a garment- that my doctor said was "made to fit me" that was too tight will the dent or the swelling ever go away?

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Unhappy. my stomach looks unnatural and has a...

unhappy. my stomach looks unnatural and has a weird dent. it is hard and bigger than before. i have not gained any weight so that cannot be a reason. there is still alot of fluid or fat, but it is distributed unevenly.


Hello....I had smart lipo mpx done with Dr Emmanuel Asare and paid $4200. He has an office in L.I....wondering if we had the same doctor? Unfortunately now I am disappointed with my results. I just had my 5 month follow up and my stomach looks uneven. I was happy the 1st 2 months but once I stopped using the compression garment as per the instructions, I saw the area changing. My stomach came back out a little over my c-section scar and I have a lump on the right side of my belly button causing a dent under the right side and the doctor recommended a touch up. He said he can make it better by removing a little more fat where the lump is and it'll even out better with the indent right under. I am so upset I haven't decided b/c I am afraid it'll look worse. At this point I wish I had done a tummy tuck instead.
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hi there. just curious to see how you are doing these days. it seems like you are a bit discouraged, but from your photos, it looks like you have some nice results. even though they may be subtle, you still look great. your tummy looks flat and smooth, nothing unnatural about it. but i totally understand your concerns about whether or not it was worth doing the surgery. i am in a similar situation. in two weeks i am due for my 5 month post-op evaluation, and i am seriously considering having the touch up to remove more fat from my waist. i still have a big bulge in my abdomen area and it bothers me the most when i sit down. i'm just not looking forward to the unpleasant recovery period and am worried that i may end up even worse off than i was.

btw, did we have the same surgeon in nyc?

good luck to you.
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Hi there,

we did have the same surgeon. I have noticed that the area is not nearly as flat as it used to be.. although it is smaller.

The lower part of my abdomen is usually swollen.. even after 3 months.

I am seriously reconsidering that smartlipo was a good ides for me :(

i too am considering a touch up-- but am concernec about the results.

do you have any scarring?

6 months later. I have an uneven stomach and...

6 months later.

I have an uneven stomach and 4 big scars above my panty line.

My stomach was much sexier before surgery.

I do not know why my surgeon did not go through the belly button. at least then i would not hae scars. NOT recomended!

I am considering going to some one else to fix this. its terrible and I am sad that I did not just leave my body alone.


to anonnyc... I had the same thing happen to pictures are posted by Botched Beauty, the dents on my stomach didnt go away, my inner thighs look like a 60 yr old woman that lost weight, and I was small and in good shape. Thanks for sharing, I hope we save someone from making the same mistake. I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO HAVE MY OLD BODY BACK, AND THEY COULD EVEN KEEP THE DAMN MONEY~
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hello! I had my smart lipo feb.21 with dr pokeman after reading your last year post... and right after my procedure i read your new post wishing not gonna happen to has been a month and i'm very upset..
i dont see the different after spent all my savings and my vacations.. i talk to dr a few times that it is too early to see result but my hart just love handle is just ..
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HI im sorry to hear this-

Yes I am still unhappy. I will likely being going to another Dr. for a touch up.

How are your results now?

I went for a touch up yesterday. I couldnt take my...

I went for a touch up yesterday. I couldnt take my dislike of the results any longer-

It looks much better the second time around.I will post pics when I can.


any pictures?
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I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Asare fo lipo and a gynecomastia procedure. Everything seemed fine at the appointment, I was with the Dr. and his assistant in his office, when I shared with Dr. Asare that the lipodystrphy began in 1997 when I began taking an HIV regimen. His eyes averted, looking over me towards his assistant, she immediately left the room. Dr. Asare told me he doesn't work on HIV patients because his staff is paranoid about HIV.

I was stunned to hear a Medical Physician inform me the reason he refused to perform procedures on persons with HIV because his staff was afraid to catch it. I asked Dr. Asare if this was a written policy, he said, no. I then asked why he didn't disclose this on his website, he said that would be discriminatory and he likes to address each patient, case by case.

It's astounding that a Physician could be so ignorant about HIV.
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I had touch up done on both my thighs and entire stomach. My inner thighs look like a pillow case full of knuckles and my stomach redo ? Well I did the fat transfer to fill the thumb size dents below my belly button. The dents are not gone but not as deep as before. What I hadn't planned was them redoing the lipo on my stomach to get the fat used for the transfer. Now my stomach looks worse. The dents are shallower than before but the rest of my lower stomach is so bumpy, I went to Oahu in august and had to wear a tank top over my bikini. I used a company that were supposedly the innovators of smart lipo. I contacted corporate and the Corp management contacted me the next day. He agreed I looked better before and is having me go to another surgeon, then to my original surgeon and the 3 of them will decide the next plan of action. I told him, while crying, I do not want the wand under my skin anymore since my stomach looks worse the 2nd time. He said a minor fat transfer from another area, without the liquid injected, is an option and perhaps several Velashape treatment will smooth out this mess. Call corporate is my advice. They have spoke with me almost daily and seem to have a genuine concern to fix this lumpy body I have. He sounds confident my stomach can be fixed and hopefully my thighs also. Best news? They won't be charging me a dime. And I've had my free redo on each site already....if your stomach and thighs look like mine I would express your hesitation of doing any further invasives for correction. It only made mine worse. If you want photos. Just email luck girls. Oh and p.s. lymphatic massage doesn't work either. Tried it, wasted money.
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New York Ophthalmologist

I feel he was kind, gentle, thoughtful and paid attention to my needs. He provided all the time I needed, and I did not feel rushed. HIs staff is okay- not that educated but very helpful Reasonable cost Though my results are not satisfactory-- and that is the most important thing

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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