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Smartlipo/jowls Changed my Appearance--i Look 5 Years Younger

I had smart lipo of my jowls in October 2008. It...

I had smart lipo of my jowls in October 2008. It was super quick, painless and the worst part was wearing the compression thing around my head, had to hide...

I look amazing and everyone keeps telling me I look great. I wish I had done it sooner. The fatty area under my chin is gone and is getting tighter each month, can tell esp. from progressive photos.

It was awesome, highly recommend it. I got a special deal.

Dr. Andrew Kwak

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I'm looking to get smart lipo for my jowls too.
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Not sure about the cheeks. Just be prepared for things to not look perfect right away. The healing definitely takes time. I'm 5 weeks out and my lumpiness is just starting to even out.
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That's great to hear. I am also wanting to do the chin,jowls and cheeks. Do you recommend the (cheeks)? or is this not possible to do? Take care.
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Did you have any swelling or lumpiness on your chin? How long did it take to see your final results?
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That's good to hear. I am looking at having smartlipo done on my chin, neck, and jowels too. If you dont mind me asking you a few questions... Were you instructed to massage the area at all after the procedure? How long did it take? How long after were you able to go in public?
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