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Only on Day 3 but So Far, It Was Worth It

I had my smartlipo procedure done on Thursday, Aug...

I had my smartlipo procedure done on Thursday, Aug 28th at 7:00am.  Let me tell you, I was scared to death.  My first mistake was watching a video on utube so that was all that I could think about when I got there.  First I put on a gown, they measured me, took pictures and drew the guidelines on me.  Then I got two shots.  One was to relax me and I guess it really worked because the next thing I remember is them walking me to the bathroom, then walking me to the or room.  I layed down, they covered me from head to toe and left only my belly showing.  Ever so often they would ask if I was ok and I was.  They were doing something that felt like a meat grinder rolling up and down my belly but there was no pain.....The next thing I knew was my husband waking me up at home, in my own bed.  Honestly the only thing that hurt were the two shots before hand.  The procedure, I slept through it.  I sure thought I would be awake for the whole thing but I wasn't.  Actually, my husband said I was talking but it wasn't making much sense so maybe I was awake, who knows.  Awake or not, I don't remember and I didn't feel any pain so I am a happy camper.  Now at home, I am sore but it's like having cuts or sunburn. The worst is the ozzing and the smell.  I couldn't wait to get that thing off. 

So here I am at day 3:  I've removed  the garment, taken a shower, put hydro peroxide on all my incisions, 6 to be exact.  I thought I was only having 4 but got 6.  2 under my breast, 2 on hips, 2 on upper buttocks and 2 on lower back.  I guess the last two were for the flanks.  I feel great.  I was able to take the garment off myself but I did it really slow and was sitting at the time.  I've also put Neosporin on the incisions.  Once my garment has air dryed, I will put it back on.

So far so good.  I'll continue to update as I progress. 


I have done no massaging. I'm not sure I would be able to at this point. I know that at some point I am suppose to so I guess they'll tell me tomorrow. I'm feeling right now and don't really notice any lumpiness but i know what you are talking about. I had it with the Lipodissolve. They did eventually all go away. I think it's very unrealistic to say that you can go back to work the next day. Hell, the meds haven't even worn off by then from the procedure..at least they hadn't for me. Maybe I'm just a lush :-D Having anything done to the chin seems like it would really hurt. Let me know how it goes. I'm sure just like with all the other parts of us though, it will just take time for the swelling to go down. Stay positive!!
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Make that 8 incisions, not 6.
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I am very excited for you and wish you great results! I am glad we are in it together to be able to compare "notes". A :-).

Sept 3 - Day 7 post op I just returned from my...

Sept 3 - Day 7 post op

I just returned from my follow up visit and the doc says everything looks great.  He basically  just looked at my incisions and my shape.  Appt was short and quick.  I told him about how painful my $140 garment has been and when he saw the indentions on my sides, he told me to stop wearing it and to go buy some spanx (more money, more money).  He told me to wear the spanx during the day and then nothing at night.  He said that I am able to get back to my normal activity except to not do anything that involved jumping or aeroebic type exercising.  He said that something like pilates and yoga would be great as well as just walking 20-30 minutes a day.  I asked him about massaging and he said I could start doing that as well.  I still don't feel any lumps or bumps yet like I did with Lipodissolve though.

I asked him how much they removed and he said 1730 (cc's, I guess) almost a half gallon.  He laughed and said that he would have never thought he would have gotten that much out of such a small girl.  The day of the procedure, I weighed 130.  He told me that if I watch what I eat and exercise that realistically, I should always weigh between 125 and 130.  That's bascially what I've weighed for the past 3 years but it was just that darn pouch.  Honestly, to me, it looked like a little beer belly.  It was gross and I don't even drink beer :-D  He also said that I was coherent during the whole procedure as I answer questions and turned as I needed to.  I told him that I didn't remember anything and he said that's what he likes to hear, no one should remember going through surgery  :-) 

I did notice today that I have very vague bruises on my flanks but other than that, I've had none.  My stomach and sides are still pretty sensitive to touch..as if they are bruised on the inside maybe.  I guess this is to be expected.  The pain I do have though is tolerable. 

I go back in 3 months and then they'll weigh, measure and take pictures. 

I am still very happy with my decision to go through with this.  I am excited to see my results as the swelling goes down.  LIke I said previously though, even with the swelling, I can tell a tremendous difference in the appearence of my stomach.  i can't wait for the day I can say good-bye to the grandma/pregnant looking tunic tops and say hello to a tight tank top and not have to worry about my beer belly and muffin top  :-D

Still a happy customer,



Thanks, I checked it out. Your bruising was just like mine, really bad in the lower abs. I will also write a review about our doctor. I liked her a lot. I went to others for consultation and just like you, after i visited with her, I knew that she will be the one. After thinking about it only for a couple of days i went ahead and shceduled my procedure and I am glad I did. Thanks for sharing the pics! No, they did not mention any creams at all. I am just using the Nivea skin firming with Q10 to massage my stomach every evening with.
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Luzan, Thank you for reminding me of what they had said about touch ups and trying to make sure that the results were as good as can be - yes they told me that as well, but i did not even think about that until now. My bumps, the "orange peel" skin has improved a lot, but it still does not look that great. Yes, my lower abs look kind of wrinkly, i am assuming because of loose skin. I think it looks like that becasue there is not a lot of fat filling it out anymore (yeah!!!!!). I am not sure how much more that can improve since I am nearing month 2 postop. They do say that it can take up to 6 months for the final results.....but we will see on my follow up what they say. Now, I am more excited about my next visit with them that you reminded me of what they had said. The one thing is, while I had some pain, it was not nearly as bad as what you are describing. But from reading all the comments here, it looks like that everybody is reacting differently to the procedure. For example it is amazing that sartur does not have bruising or the lumps, while both you and I have had a lot of bruising. Keep us posted how things are going with you as well. I have been keeping in touch with sarthur as well. It is nice to be in it together to be able to "compare notes". :-) Do you also live than in the Houston area?
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This is the first cosmetic procedure I've ever done and probably my last - it's so expensive! Anyway, because of how much money this all cost, I really wanted to make sure that I chose a surgeon that would didn't nickel and dime me if things needed touch ups. One of the reasons I chose who I did. So hopefully if it comes down to it getting a touch up won't be a big deal. Yes, I am in the Houston area and I agree that it's super helpful to have someone to compare notes with!

Sept 17th - 3 week tomorrow post op Sorry I...

Sept 17th - 3 week tomorrow post op

Sorry I haven't updated in a while but due to the hurricane, there has been lots going on.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing great.  I am EXTREMELY happy with my results.  My clothes fit or in some cases, are even to big now.  I am able to do like cardio and any strength training.  My stomach still looks a little strange but it's flat and that was what I was going for.  I'm sure in time, it will look back normal again.  Still 'Worth it' to me!!



Hello are you allowed to share the name of your provider or give clues as to how I can contact him/her for the procedure?
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Would you please provide the name of your doctor? Thanks! Gigi
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Are you still happy with your lipo results? If so, will you please furnish me the name and phone no. of your physician?
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