SmartLipo Gave Me a Flat Tummy - Ipswich, UK

SmartLipo is the new non-invasive liposuction....

SmartLipo is the new non-invasive liposuction. Only a handful of doctors do it in the UK and I travelled just over an hour to get mine done. I don’t think you need to be a plastic surgeon to do it but I felt safer this way and am pleased as punch with my final result.

The procedure itself is scary because you’re awake and aware of what’s going on. My doc numbed the whole area with needles and then began with the laser to melt the fat. You are allowed to watch this part but I didn’t want to! I get queasy at these things so I just kept my eyes closed and let him know if it hurt, pinched, etc. Overall it wasn’t bad and nothing like I had dreamed up in my head.

Afterwards you go home right away with compression garments and a pamphlet full of instructions telling you what’s normal, what isn’t, etc. This is so you don’t call the emergency line at 2 in the morning with the same stupid question. I had a bad first night but after that no major complaints and all was well... much quicker recovery than regular lipo.

There were two factors for me in choosing SmartLipo over regular lipo. Firstly, I didn’t want something as painful as traditional lipo. Those recovery times can be horrible. Secondly, I didn’t need to see my results right away. With SmartLipo I have heard of people being disappointed because the fat was still there after a few days, but this is part of the procedure. The laser just makes the fat loose so your body can absorb it over time. I saw my full results in about four months total. All the girls I speak to, I make sure they know this part!

I have a pretty flat tummy now and a lot less cellulite too. Great final results as far as I’m concerned!

Wow! sounds like you had a great experience. Good for you. I am 9 days out from having my upper & lower abs, sides and bra rolls done. So far I am completely pleased. No more side rolls and big belly. I saw great results immediately. Did you continue to wear any type of compression garments and if so for how long? And did you exercise afterwards? TenderToni
hi im having a consultation next weekend to get this procedure done im hoping to get abs love handles and butt done! i can see you had it done in august last year, are the results still good? have you noticed any weight gain in other areas? where did you have it done? finally would you recommend it? any advice would be greatly received!
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