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Made No Difference Whatsoever

I had smartlipo last year on my stomach, flanks,...

I had smartlipo last year on my stomach, flanks, back, arms and chin. It honestly didn't make a single bit of difference.

However, I didn't research my doctor well enough, so maybe thats the reason. I didn't have an in person consultation with him because I was coming from out of town. If I had have, I'm sure I would not have picked this doctor. I don't think he removed any fat at all. I asked to see the fat he removed afterwards, and I was just shown a picture of it!

I would recommend doing a lot of research before choosing a doctor, reading reviews and talking to other patients.


I just had a consult with this dr. yesterday. I was planning on having my stomach & thighs done next month. I'm really worried now after reading your post.
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I just had a consultation with this dr. yesterday. I'm considering having smartlipo on my abdomen & thighs next month. I'm definitely worried now after reading your post.
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Was he board certified in plastic surgery? The cost for the areas you got may or may not be in line with your geographical area...I'm not familiar with costs there. Did you seek more than one consultation? I hate to see this procedure get bad raps due to bad doctors and patients not doing research. Good luck and I wish you well.
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Dr. Robert Burke

He is not a plastic surgeon. The whole experience felt like a scam.

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