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Looked OK for Awhile, but Not Pleased with Long-term Results

I got 8 liters of fat lipo's out of my abdomen the...

I got 8 liters of fat lipo's out of my abdomen the first time, and I got arm lipo the second time.  I am not satisfied with either result.

My stomach lipo came out all lumpy and took away my curves (I wanted some waist definition and it totally made me look like a boy!).  My belly button sticks straight up in the air when I lay on my back, which is weird.

I don't think the temporary result was worth the money.  I'm going to go with the Lap Band next time!

I had smart lipo that went bad from Doctor Johnson and he dosn't care that he ruined me and alote of others. I have went a few (real) plastic surgeons that said they can not fix what he has done...so no more swimming suit or curtain shorts beware of who you go to .....please please do your home work before you want something done....if i could go back i would of never did it....
This is not a weight loss procedure.
Maybe the doctor should have told you upfront that smart lipo is not really a weight loss procedure. I weigh 180 and had it done and my weight is about 3 pounds less, but my lower ab looks much better after 5 weeks. If you need lap band then maybe Smart lipo was not the best product for you to use. I hope you get success from lap band. Good luck.
Dr. Robert Yoho

He got PA's to do the job. I wasn't informed of the severe pain possibilities.

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