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Smart Lipo, Upper & Lower Abs

I had smart lipo 3 weeks ago, the pain and itching...

I had smart lipo 3 weeks ago, the pain and itching is unbearable, unless I take lortab, but I hate taking narcotics, tylenol doesn't help. Any advice??? I also have been doing arnica montana, cream and pills, I doubt they really work. I had no bruising what so ever. I'm also still swollen.

Updated on Apr 6, 2009
SmartLipo: I had smart lipo done 3 weeks ago, no bruising any where, how long should one wear the compression garment for? Its causing me a lot of unbearable itching. I am still swollen. I had upper and lower abs done, and have been wearing the garment 24/7. I will try to post some pics later.

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experienced surgeon, gives out cell number, very patient.

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who performed you procedure?
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Your pictures are great you look really good.I can't to have the money to get it done.please send me the number of the doctor....
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Rick77, I was really interested in reading your post since you had some of the same areas I had done and you had just recently posted. Well I had the upper & lower abs, side rolls, and bra rolls done on April 8, 2009. I have read just about everything there is to read online about before and after and everything else on lipo. I am happy to say that I (so far) have been one of the lucky ones. I experienced almost no pain during the procedure. It took about 2 1/2 hours. I had maybe 3 brief instances where I was like "whoa" and the doctor immmediately stopped (& let me collect myself)so the moderate pain left as fast as it came. I had absolutely no leaking once I left he facility, I had no pain (I can't believe you experienced severe pain...that just goes to show how different each person's experience can be), minor discomfort from the swelling and tenderness on sides. Either the second or third day I itched pretty bad that day. But the itching has subsided considerably. I can't take any benadryl (as recommended) or any other allergy pill because it will put me to sleep. I had absolutely no bruising. The most uncomfortable was the compression garment but by day 6 I have pretty much gotten use to it and I am still wearing it 24/7. I think it is required to wear it about 2 weeks. I am still slightly swollen mostly directly in the front.I understand it takes most atleast a month to see substantial difference as far as the swelling going down Although I saw a major difference the same day (with bandages) and even the next day. And as of yet I have not experienced any lumps or hardness. Since you are just a copule weeks ahead of me I would be interested in tracking your progress. Just wanted to share my experience....good luck. (I'm not exactly sure how all this blogging works, so I don't know how you would get to it but I do have before and one day after photos up). TenderToni
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Hey there! Some people choose to switch to a stage 2 garment after the initial 2-3 weeks in the stage 1 garment yo got home from surgery wearing. A stage 2 garment is usually pretty snug fitting so it should give the support you may feel you need, while the skin is reattaching to the muscle layer post-op, and it will help control the swelling as well. They are similar to stage 1 garments BUT they do not have zippers, so any marks from zippers will not be an issue with these. I chose to get a stage 2 Veronique garment, since I have heard nothing but good things about them, and they provide more support than Spanx or any other similar non-surgical garment. It's up to you, of course, what you choose to do. But maybe switching to a stage 2 garment for 2-4 weeks may help, and then you can go into the Spanx at the point more comfortably. Best of luck!
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Hi Rick777, I also had my upper and lower abs done. I was told by my doc that I only had to wear it for one week. You can downgrade to spanx which is more comfortable than the garment. But I am still swollen (not too much though) and you will be for a little while longer. One month usually is half mark for swelling from what i read. Be patient because your body is healing.
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I took allergy pills at night. It helps with the itching and I slept better. I am almost 6 weeks out and my doctor had me wear the compression garment for 3 weeks. I remember being so itchy until I figured out the allergy pills. Plus, towards the third week, I ended up taking it off more for circulation and sanity sake. You are slowly going to start feeling better day by day. The worst is over. I am exercising now. Still numb and lumps are going away, but it is softening up. Not as rock hard. Good luck!
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who the name of the your Dr.
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