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I had smart lipo on my saddlebags last friday. The...

I had smart lipo on my saddlebags last friday. The office I went to was great! The procedure went well. I have done pretty good so far, I have had some bruising not too much drainage. I am of course still sore, which I know is normal.

So far I see a little result but I know I am still swollen. I know I have to give it time but I can't wait to see it progress. I have had this problems with my thighs all my life, even at my lowest weight. I know it will be worth the wait.

I would highly recommend this office to anyone, they treated me very well they even sent me a fruit basket the next day. That was very nice!

what dr. was it?
please give us an update. do you have pics as well? i'm doing my saddlebags in march, but i'd love to get more info from you first. did your cellulite go away. did your shape change? did you lose weight? i would love to know. a
Hi Shelly. Like you were, I am 6 days post treatment on outerthighs and feel I still look the same. Did you get the result you had hoped for? If so, when did you start noticing a difference? Thanks for your time.

Smart Lipo 2nd time better results. I had a touch...

Smart Lipo 2nd time better results. I had a touch up on my thighs after 6 months. I saw mild results the 1st time and went in for a touch up on May 24. I must say I was a little more sore this time but definately worth it. The Dr. was a little more aggressive this time and now the saddlebag area looks better. I know it will take time to see the final results, but I am already seeing a dffierence. I can't wait to see the progress over the next few months!  I definately recommend if the Dr suggets it for a touch up then go for it!

I had smart lipo redone on my outer thighs 6...

I had smart lipo redone on my outer thighs 6 months later. I was not happy with my results and the Dr said he did not want to be to aggressive. He was nice enough to redo my area over. I did se a little difference but not quite what I wanted. Well this time it is much better!! It's been a month and my saddlebags are all but gone!! I would definately recommend my Dr. I understand why he did not want to be to aggressive and I love the results I have now. I hope it continues over the next few months!

I got my SmartLipo done by Dr, Serra, I agree he is great!!!!
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