Smart Lipo Procedures

I had Smart Lipo done on my chin, upper and lower...

I had Smart Lipo done on my chin, upper and lower abdomen and inner thighs on Feb. 23rd.  These were areas that were just not going away with diet and exercise. 

I looked at the areas that I had done when I got home that afternoon and I could tell that they looked much better, that quickly, that is until the swelling set in!  I am 6 days out and still pretty swollen.  My draining only lasted for about 12 hours after I came home.  I still have some pain in a few spots, but it's really not that bad. 

I took the pain medicine all day Monday and one dose on Tuesday.  I have not taken anything else for pain.  By day 3 I really felt like I was back to my old self.  I am not having any problems doing anything now. 

Of the areas that I had done, the chin was the most painful for me.  I highly recommend Arnica cream or Arnicare gel.  I used it 3 times a day and had only very faint bruising.  I am very happy with my results thus far and cannot wait to see what the end results will be.

Photo Update

Dr. Timothy L. Kemp

He was professional and made sure that I understood the procedures and that I had realistic expectations of what to expect from them. He was kind and caring, and when I told him that something hurt he somehow changed what he was doing so that it didn't hurt as much.

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