Smart-lipo Procedure Performed in Philadelphia Last Week

Having had cosmetic surgery in the past in New...

Having had cosmetic surgery in the past in New York. I have mixed reviews about smart-lipo.

The benefits are:

Being awake is a plus but do not think the procedure is painless, you will feel needles, pulling and tugging some burning, a few times my surgeon hit areas that were not numb reminding you that you are in surgery.

Today six days since the surgery I feel great, no real need for any pain meds I am 38 with two school age kids, very active family life. I was driving the SAME day of my surgery. I was able to fool my husband very little drainage hidden by wearing the garment and binder day and night. To this day he does not know I had surgery.

Con: I do wish I had more fat removed 1 liter is only 2lbs of fat. I saw the fat there was lots of blood too. I wish I could have participated more in the surgery maybe standing up, targeting areas' around my inner thighs assisting the doctor even adding more fatty areas especially near my knee area. I had my credit card. ( smile)

Con: I wish there were mirrors on the ceiling of the operating room where if I chose to I could watch the procedure being done.

The atmosphere was similar to a labor and delivery room there was music playing but I brought my own IPOD and when the surgery really started I needed my own music playing LOUD in my ear to block out the pain. I actually was singing until I fell asleep.

The procedure lasted about 2.5 hours. Overall HAPPY with my Surgeon and her Staff even gave tips to my two favorite Technicians after my surgery.

Name not provided

Overall My surgeon who is on this forum is a the real deal. The difference is her entire team made me feel like I was special . I was able to call her office prior to my procedure for assistance related to other health conditions and my Dr. herself gave me referrals. I firmly believe that the motto in her office is there is no I in team. They operate better than most families.

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i would like to know who was your doctor adn was him/her costly. i would like to get in contact with them
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Hello New Friends, I am 18 days post op and honestly.. The jury is still out. I would have liked more fat remove from my inner thigh area but my waist and sides are smaller reflecting from the fact I need a belt for my waist area. I have had a follow up with my Dr. Falcone of Body Solutions last week and honestly I wish I could go back under for more lipo of my inner adding my outer and knee area. Compared to traditional lipo better recovery time as far seeing the results faster not better than tradition not better. Just my opinion I have had both smart-lipo fills you up and that seems to hinder you seeing the immediate results. The Dr. and her staff are great But my Jury is still out on whether the experience was worth it.
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Hi, Can you tell me how the healing is coming? Do you see results yet and could you email me your doctors name? Thanks,
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i am looking into getting this surgery done. i do not know anyone that has had it done that can give me tips or recommend a dr. it sounds like yours was fabulous. can you give me more info on you post op and your dr info
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Hi Shy Shy, Who are you getting your surgery done by in philadelphia? what areas' are you getting done? how many liters are you expecting to be removed? How much are you being charged? We may have the same doctor already(smile).
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Hi Fancii, It seeems like everything went very well and congragulations. Im having sugery in philadelphia on 3-30 and I was wondering who did your procedure. Please get back to Im so nervous.Thanks. Heal well.
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