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Did smart lipo about a year ago. I'm 5'7" normal...

Did smart lipo about a year ago. I'm 5'7" normal weight 125-128. I work out a lot and was in fairly good shape but I hated my love handles and lower ab pooch. I'm not 100% happy with the results but I can't totally blame the DR. When I went for my consultation my weight was down to 122. Since I was slightly underweight, my Dr said he didn't need to to my upper abs. By the time my surgery was scheduled a month later, my weight was down to 118lbs. My stomach was so flat the day of surgery that the DR probably had trouble finding my fat. After the surgery I became super busy at work so wasn't too good at remembering the compression garment. I noticed my stomach was getting lumpy, the Dr said I needed to massage my stomach everyday which I didn't do My result ended up with my stomach being lumpy and after I gained some weight, I noticed that my upper abs look fatter than the lower (as DR didn't do lipo on the upper abs). I look great in clothes as I have no more love handles and stomach is pretty flat but I know I have lumpy skin underneath. As long as my weight is around 125 I barely notice but if I gain a few pounds it seems to all go to the lumps. I'm going to try a combination of Velashape and Zerona laser to see if I can smooth out my stomach. If that doesn't work I may have to get more smart lipo. Wondering if anyone else had lumps? If so, were you able to get rid of them?
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Who was ur Dr?? I am considering doing this procedure! please give me ur doctors name and contact info please!! Thank you =)
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Hi, i'm 11 days from laserlipo on back/flanks/love handles and i have alot of bumps. feels like rods underneath. but i'm too sore to massage... ? when can you start massaging the area
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