Smart Lipo MPX on Upper / Lower Abs and Waist - Commack, NY

I will be going in on December 30th early morning...

I will be going in on December 30th early morning for Smart Lipo MPX on my upper and lower abs and waist.
I just adore my doctor already and he didnt even do the work yet. I have met with him on December 6th for blood work and before shots.

He wants to study me before he does the work which i thought was brilliant.

I have had the traditional lipo suction about 15 yrs ago and i had lower pooch done inner and outer thighs and knees done and it hurt like hell and my body wasnt back to normal for about a year. and i had to sleep with a pillow in bwtn my legs for my knees.

I am convinced that smart lipo will be painless.

Also i am on the Birth Control Pill and there is something in the pill that doesnt coincide with the numbing medication so my doctor gave me a choice to either stay on it - if so he would give me less of the numbing medication LOL (Im not crazy) so I told him i would come off the pill for the month so i could have the full dosage of the numbing med.

They did say i could eat in the morning very light but no coffee or tea ...

Two days before the surgery i have to start taking my antibotics and the night before and morning of wash with the herbiclens soap.

I will post my before pics for now and you will be able to see my stomach - good gosh!

hey buy this, it will help with busing

i am waiting for mine to come in the mail!

i also been buyinig alot of pj pants just in case me tummy swells and to be comfy :)

Starting off 2011 with a new tummy... what a great idea! Good luck.

Thanks Sharon I know Right Happy New Year to me Actually I would have done this alot sooner but I felt the day right before New Years was perfect since IM not telling my family and they sort of wont be around or popping in on me LOL

DECEMBER 28TH Two days before my surgery I'm...

Two days before my surgery I'm very excited and not nervous at all I can't wait. I bought Gatorade and Ensure because it also heals fromt he inside out! I started taking my antibotics today/this morning and one at night. Thursday I won't take them but Friday I will take them again. To be continued!

hope it went well today!

12/31/10 They gave me some heavy pain killers...


They gave me some heavy pain killers plus a shot in my arm I was out of it .. It was painless I had to stand up about 3-4 times during the procedure for him to take pictures and come back and work on the area;s he wasnt satisfied with I drained alot after surgery all in the office and home not horrible but enough.... I also threw up and up and up and that lasted until 8pm that night nothing major just yellow liquid from the bile and medz i guess.. once that stopped i could drink water without threwing it up thats how i knew it was over . I was very tired after the procedure witch was done around 130 I slept at 2 and they woke me at 3 and i felt i was ok to be driven home .... the girls were incredible and i do hope they get paid alot because they deserve it... It is just me here at home so inbetween throwing up and sleeping i was fine didnt need vicodine just the Tylenol and so far so good im swollen and in mininmal pain i havent taken a shower yet but i can drive and plan on walking in the park today I am not posting pics because i am still not washed yet but as soon as i do i will post i can see a diffence with even being swollen and all i think they said they took out 350cc or 2 liters wow that is alot it was two cups fulll ...Well Happy New Year to me !!! Any questions just ask !!!

Today is Saturday New Years Day feelin better than...

Today is Saturday New Years Day feelin better than yesterday still very sore ... but i posted some pics for Day 2 still very swollen but you can see a difference

It all depends brookeh what type of work you do and how your body takes to it
yes i could of worked yesterday but im glad i didnt have tooo
I worked today and it was a bit hard to sit for a long time so i got up from my desk alot today and took the stairs instead of the elevator if your just having your abs and waist done then i dont see why not ,,, but dont think your gonna fit in to your jeans im talking strechy pants with oversized shirts because your stomach will be swollen its only day 5 for me and my stomach is swooooleennn
i get mine done on a friday and plan to go to work on the following monday do u think you could of worked yesterday?
looking great!

January 7, 2011 6 days post. I can't believe...

January 7, 2011
6 days post. I can't believe it is 6 days already! Im still swollen and i feel like on the 5th day the nurse had said i would get hard as a rock... like a big ball well that is what is happening now. its been like this now for two days so we shall see my doctor says this is normal and it will go away....

I am about the same in measurements accept my high waste is a half of inch smaller so far. I have hardly no bruising.. and its getting easier to do things. but i feel like i have a ball connected to my stomach. Im still wearing the garment and i switch off with my spanx i bought the one that is the full short suit its pretty good Im suppose to be wearing it now only during the day and at night take it off but im gonna wear it for another week like this than i will start ... I thinking it cant hurt,,,,

well thats what i have to report so far ..

did he tell you to massage your tummy?
Thank you Sharon for asking
Well you know thursday the 13th will be two weeks for me.
the doctor had told me to wear the garment 24/7 the first week and the 2nd week which i am in where it all day and sleep without it at night. which i have been doing.

-I have to say this week is much better than last week but Im not healed at all I mean the incisions if i stretch or pull the wrong way the waist area hurts I still can't bend full forwards like a crunch... my stomach Yes is still very swollen and want to say still hard as a rock like my doctor said i would get ... sometimes in the morning im a 1/2 inch to an inch smaller but than at night Im back to being real swollen.
-My doctor also said my period would be affected .. and this week i was suppose to get it and i havent as of yet but i think im bloated and had all the pms signs that i was getting it .. so we shall see that could be why my stomach feels more swollen..
- Im still not able to put my slacks on i mean i do but i have to leave them unzippered with a turleneck or big button shirt LOL
im still that swollen but than again its only been two weeks
- Do i see a difference yes i do but all around my belly button and below is still so swollen .. so i will wait to be patient
- I will post some i think i took 7 day pics...

You look great in the photos, Jade! You may still be swollen but your tummy definitely looks flatter. How are you feeling?


Ok so I am going into my 3rd week wow that went...

Ok so I am going into my 3rd week wow that went fast ! everyday i feel better and sometimes i forget i had it done .. I still have a lot of tightness and numbness and the last 3 pics i took which was the second week mark well i was due for my period and it came the next day... so my stomach got really bloated and harder than it was right before it came and when it did it was just very very light the laser definately messes with it ...
but my stomach went way down about an
My measurements before i went in were
stomach around the belly button was 37"
my high waist was 34"
and my hips were 43
I am measureing in my 3rd week
around my belly button 36"
my high waist is 32 1/2
and my hips are 41

So i am starting to see a difference although i am still very swollen and numb and yes i am wearing the garment during the day and I take it off at night. I will probably wear it for 5 weeks and see how i feel ...
this thursday the 20th will be my 3rd week mark i will post pics then :)))

January 26, 2011 My stomach is still swollen...

January 26, 2011

My stomach is still swollen but has strunk immensly. I am still numb in some spots on my waist especially. It will be a month on the 3oth of this month and I am still wearing the garment only during the day ... Today was actually the first day i could really button my slacks but i rather not leave no button mark or elastic mark around the stomach just yet ...
I was measureing in my 3rd week
around my belly button 36"
my high waist is 32 1/2
and my hips are 41

Now Almost 1 month I am measuring ...
Around the Belly Button 35"
My high Waist is 32"
and hips are still at 41

So I am strinking. There is no Instant Gratification here and this is a very wierd recovery .. I would say you are small on the 1st and 2nd day of your post op and then you get soo swollen ... and then when you get your period your stomach gets hard as a rock and stays that way for the week of and the week after then it softens up and the part that is still swollen is hard and numb .. but you can see the difference definately ....

To be Continued ......

thanks for this posting. how are things going for you now? do you have any recent pics to help out us newbies :)
How u doing?
how u doing?
Dr. Asare

He is no joke He doesnt really kid around or have idle conversation he does what he does and that is what he is there for. I i have any questions he asnwered them but i was really heavy sedated and had no idea which step he was doing ....He's top notch

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