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I had Abdomen and lovehandles on November 7th. ...

I had Abdomen and lovehandles on November 7th. The procedure was very pleasant, I had a large scar on my lower abdomen that he lasered and lifted up along with my procedure so I had quite a bit of swelling the next day in that area.

My pain was very minimal more like working out really hard, just uncomfortable. As a matter of fact I went fishing in the Puget Sound 2 days after my procedure and caught a 10.5 pound salmon.

I wore my compression garmet religiously for 2 weeks and during the day for the 3rd week.

My abdomen looks great... I can't wait to see what it looks like in another month. I would recommend smart lipo and my doctor to anyone.

I had mine done yesterday. I'm a little sore today but didn't take any meds. Like you said, it feels like a tough work out. I'm curious as to where your scar was? I have a 6 inch appendix scar from when i was 12. It is sunken but I had nothing done to it. Plus I have had a kidney and pancreas transplant 6 years ago so the doctor didn't use as much fluid as he would have another person. I could tell yesterday that he got a lot of fat out. I an 5'4" and always had a pouch. I'm so excited about having it be smaller. I was told to wear the compression garment for 6 weeks though. I research 2 different docs and picked the board certified surgeon over the heart doctor. I think it is very important. Good luck and wow, that was a big fish!!!!
weird i probably have the same scar, i was also 12 when my appendix ruptured, and it is sunken, that's the worst part of my tummy, but good to know i'm not the only one out there, lol
Hanafy M. Hanafy, MD

He is very patient, compassionate and kind. He takes the time to explain everything throughly. He is very meticulous and detail oriented.

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