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I had smart lipo on my flanks two weeks ago. I...

I had smart lipo on my flanks two weeks ago. I went to {Edited by Sharon: provider information appears above the review for registered users}. The procedure was quite painful and being awake didn't help anything, I found it pretty gross and hearing the fat sucked out of me doesn't quite fade from memory.

Now I am bruised and swollen but Im not sure if the procedure was worth it because I cant tell the swollen areas. I have my follow up tomorrow and I am quite concerned.


hi im considering in getting smart lipo done and would just like to know where u went and if now u see results
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I just wanted to follow up on this and I went to Sleek Medspa and I went back and was reeval a year later because I am so upset that I am now deformed and a huge indent in my sides, no smoothing at all. mysteriously every single person i can across during my procedure, interviews, etc has been fired or left.
Although third parties have notices the indent it is just so typical that Sleek "didn't see" the indent and offered me nothing in terms of fixing it or money. I went to try to straighten this out and my displeasure worsened when they tried to tell me I look great when there is a defined indent and no smoothing at all. and, yes , I weighed like 2 pounds less a yr later so that doesn't come into play. And now Dr David is on his own practice( sketchy relationship ender), I'm not really sure where I should post this for people to be helped and it not to be removed. This is huge. I'm young and 3400 was a huuuuge amount of money for me and also to be dissatisfied and all the tears makes me feel horrible.
Dr David

I can't say one way or the other because the jury is still out

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