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I had my abs and flanks done 6 weeks ago, but i...

I had my abs and flanks done 6 weeks ago, but i don't see a bit of improvements. Very diappointed. I will have a follow-up this week; i am sot sure how to start to ask questions because i am very upset. anybody get your lipo done there and have any problem? of course i don't expect to see the final result, but shouldn't i be seeing some improvements?. i wear the GC 24/7 the whole time up to date. i massage but nothing change.

The day that i had the pre-op, the doc told me i look pregnant, but i 6 weeks later i still look the same. please help. what should i do? This is depressing.


I just had a touchup done yesterday and it made a HUGE difference.
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How long after the procedure can you get a touch up done? I am 2 month's in and still very minimal results.
I had a touch up when I was not ply and now I'm happy
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