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I had my abs and flanks done 6 weeks ago, but i...

I had my abs and flanks done 6 weeks ago, but i don't see a bit of improvements. Very diappointed. I will have a follow-up this week; i am sot sure how to start to ask questions because i am very upset. anybody get your lipo done there and have any problem? of course i don't expect to see the final result, but shouldn't i be seeing some improvements?. i wear the GC 24/7 the whole time up to date. i massage but nothing change.

The day that i had the pre-op, the doc told me i look pregnant, but i 6 weeks later i still look the same. please help. what should i do? This is depressing.

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I just had a touchup done yesterday and it made a HUGE difference.
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How long after the procedure can you get a touch up done? I am 2 month's in and still very minimal results.
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I had a touch up when I was not ply and now I'm happy
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I'm considering getting the same thing done I'm afraid because I'm hearing so very many different stories that smart lipo won't help I was wondering if I should get smart lipo or full lipo for better results.
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I had smart lipo at beleza med spa in Austin. I was one of the lucky ones with good results but not impressive results. Just good. The first 4 weeks I was swollen like a balloon. Maybe that is what you are going through. You do look smaller than you did pre op. The doctor there does not have good bedside manners (can't believe he told you that you look pregnant without thinking about your feelings). There is another lady on here who did not get good results with her surgery and was very upset. Give yourself another month to heal some. I think you do look smaller but it's not a 50% reduction yet. Good luck.
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Are these pics before or after?
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If the procedure was done with local anesthesia (tumescent lipo), the anesthesia can only do so much for you to the point that adding more will be dangerous to your health. Safe level of anesthesia is 45-50 mg per kg of body weight. That's how much anesthesia will go into the normal saline bags. Based on your weight, it could be 2,3,4 or 5 bags to a certain extent. No matter what anybody said, the amount of fat that should be returned, should be a little more than half of the infiltrated normal saline. If the surgeon takes out more than this, there is a high risk that the fluid being suctioned out is already blood. So the number of cc (=milliliters)does not mean anything if the ccs are all bloody.

On the other hand, local is better than general anesthesia because your chance of dying from local is as seldom as being hit by an asteroid versus 1:5000 with general anesthesia.

Going back to your results. I would expect you to have two separate procedures via tumescent anesthesia, but I expect to see half of your size reduced- maybe not shapely, but reduced. I am not sure what happened here. 3 Possible scenarios: less fluid is put in so you were under-tumesced or possibly the tumescent fluid was placed very superficially that it did not even go into the deeper fat tissue or your abdomen is really so fatty that the surgeon with his correct tumescent fluid and technique decided to chip away a little bit from all over the place, leaving you a hardly noticeable results. It is possible that you could have ended up having better results if the flanks only were done. The front of your abdomen will still look the same on side view but your waistline will be shapelier.

For others who want to do this in the future: ask the surgeon right away how many bags of 1 Liter normal saline will be infiltrated. You tell him/her you want to see your fat after the procedure. When you look at your fat, it should not be bloody. There are 2 parts to the fat taken out. The bottom part is the infranatant which is not fat but blood, fluid, and fibrous tissue and the upper part called supranatant that is floating should be the pure fat. Based on where the fat came from (fibrous fat versus buttery fat), the ratio of supranatant to infranatant should be 1:0.25 or 1:0.5. Let the fat sit in cold place for 1 hour before you measure.

Hope this helps you get a clearer picture of what happened.
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Do you know how many CCs they removed? I can see a difference between your before and after photos, although your tummy isn't completely gone. This could be swelling or they might not have removed enough.

If you want to ask non-confrontational questions, you could ask "When will I see my final results?" and also ask how much was removed.

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