I had my smart lip done yesterday - So Far So Good - Dallas, TX

I had my smart lip done yesterday July 30, I am...

I had my smart lip done yesterday July 30, I am seeing result now and draining a lot, I had to change pads 5times, as far as pain, I just took 2. Extra strength Tylenol so pain is nothing unbearable. The procedure itself took 3 hours doctor and staff were great and careful, played music all along the process, I really didn't feel that I was in a operating room. I can not see bruises at all and when changing my pads I try to drain it my. Self and lots of liquids coming out. I'll post some before and after picture later to show you my progress. I just fell a bit uncomfortable when getting and out of bed or when I cough but i still can manage with no help


Hi. I am looking for Dr.s in Dallas. I see that you recommend your Dr. which is good. I wanted to ask you, how was your overall experience and do you mind emailing me some of your pictures? I would love to see them. I am still hesitant about it..
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I had my procedure on 07/30/10 ,3 months post op i am having mixed feelings, my abdomen is not as flat as i expected i still have that little pouch and it looks like the doctor did not touch my upper abdomen.
AT first i was so sore i couldn't tell but now that i am completly healed, i can see that he just did the laser lipo on the mid abdomen and sides.
I am reconsidering a touch up.
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i want to get the smart lipo or the laser lipo to my upper and lower stomach and flanks. Has any one in the Dallas area had this done, what was your results after, will you recommend your doctor and what was the approx cost?
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Dr long

Dr and stall are very caring and they make u fell comfortable by talking to you and asking you how you feel, very professional, will definitely recommend them.

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