Not What I Thought It Would Be, Save Your Money

I had smartlipo done last year, like probably...

i had smartlipo done last year, like probably every other woman, i was told i was a great candidate for the procedure, i just had a c-section about 9 months prior, and i had lost my preggo fat, they said it would be painless which it WAS NOT,

i was awake during the procedure, constantly getting stabbed by a needle with some numbing serum, which did not work as planned, i could feel the laser burning my abdominal muscles, it hurt so bad i couldnt even stay still, even though it did get rid of my love handles like i wanted, my skin did get some what tighter, but it showed my bulging abdominal muscles that where torn during my c-section,

about a day after the surgery i was still swollen, no biggie i knew it was going to happen, a few weeks later, i ended up gaining 20 pounds from the surgery! if you get this done make sure they tell you what you can and cannot eat and ALL and i mean ALL the risks. after i had it dont i quit eating my fast food and started making home made meals more often, usually tea or water and salads for the next month after wards, after i gained the wait i was concerned and asked the nurse and she says oh yeah, your not supposed to eat sodium after you get it done, but it didnt state it in the papers i received or contract, it was total bull.

so i advise, save your money for a tummy tuck or the real lipo, there may be pain afterwards but the results will be more permanent than this procedure.

most doctors that tell you that you are a good candidate just want your money in there fat wallets to keep there yhatts afloat. but its just the same thing they tell every woman that walks in there.

wow! Who was your doctor? I am considering a doc who also has a office in Grapevine.
yeah, i wish it was water weight, try to eat the least amount of sodium you can, your body will just absorb it and store it cause since so much fat was melted away, you body thinks it needs it cause it thinks your starving yourself. i havent really asked anyone else about it, i dont really know anyone else who has gotten it done, i wanted it done cause the dr said its help with my sagging skin and the extra fat i had, its been about a full year since the day ive had it and i havent gotten rid of the 20 pounds ive gained since. so i basically i look the exactly same as i did after i had my twins just with more weight on me, im a few months away from getting a tummy tuck if i wouldve just saved that 5 grand i spent on this bogus procedure, i could have a flat tummy by now. geebus i always get the bad end of the stick lol. they say you should go get touch ups but i am NOT going through the same burning pain i did that last time, the skin on my stomache looks like a rug being rolled over my abdomen.
Judynq: Are you serious? Okay, I am at 6 days in recovery and no one mentioned the food/sodium thing to me. Has anyone else experienced this? Was it just water weight? That sounds dreadful.
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