Smart Lipo to Chin

My chin is exactly the same as before if not...

my chin is exactly the same as before if not worse, through the skin appearing looser than before procedure. the pain lasted only a week. and there has been no pain for last 5 weeks.

The Doctor promised me the skin would produce collagen and start to tighten with this period of time. it clearly is not happening. l am wondering if the lazer machine was even working correctly.

l had Smart Lipo to my chin 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, l am unable to contact the doctor who carried out this procedure. Should I be massaging daily my chin area? If yes, in what way? l have heard conflicting advice on whether or not I should massage and if it does any good.

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The doctor promised immediate results which 6 weeks later remain exactly the same as before procedure

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I went to a professional massage therapist (on my own, not rec. by my doc) and explained that I had lipo and needed to get the swelling down. Lymphatic drainage is a technique that all licensed massage therapists know. It is a gentle massage that helps push out excess fluids out of the tissue. I also did about 10 minutes of kneading massage (rubbing back towards my ears for drainage) a day while watching tv at night. I had lots of hard lumps and bumps. I still have some lumpiness but it's all soft now. My doc gave me several SmartSound treatments at no charge because my swelling was so severe. Not sure if that helped as much as just plain old massage. From what I've read the skin tightening effects happen slowly over months (if it happens at all) don't know if I buy it though. I haven't seen it. I'm almost 3 months out and my chin is looking better but I've been told it takes at least 3-6 months to get results. Doc's like to get procedures scheduled so they give patients unrealistic recovery expectations, then once it's done they tell you "don't worry this is totally normal". Massage definitely helps. Go in for a facial/chin massage and use a neck firming cream daily. I've given up looking at my chin every day because that will drive you crazy. Just be patient, if your not happy with your result just keep consulting with your doctor.
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My chin looked horrible for at least the first 6 weeks, lumpy and swollen. I am at almost 3 months now and I'm seeing good results however still have some lumpiness which I'm told takes up to 6 months to resolve. I found having weekly professional lymphatic drainage massages really helped. Try to give it some more time. It's a slow recovery. Docs will paint a rosy post op picture but it's a long healing process!
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hi, What is this drainage massage. it was never mentioned to me. Could this be another "rip-off" in order for your doctor to get more money from you every week? My point is the Doctor told me I would see results well within 6 weeks and my skin would tighten significantly by then. it hasnt. I really want to know for now whether or not I myself should be massaging daily, and if yes, in what way? And this so called "skin tightning effect" what is the time scale for it to kick in? thanks.
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Hello, I see that it's been almost a year since your lipo and i'm wondering about your results. I'm on my third week and have a lump. Did you do the massages yourself?
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Carrieg this is so true...before and after photos will have you thinking your gonna see that type of difference right away bit now that I'm going thru the healing process of chin liposuction I realize its a process and a lot of post op efforts and PATIENCE that bring about results-something I don't have a lot of lol. But changes are coming nope that my tender and numbness is subsiding at 9 days out I can be more proactive with massaging and pressure so things do move along. Green tea and lots of water also helps!
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