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The smartlipo numbing shots was horrible. I wanted...

The smartlipo numbing shots was horrible. I wanted that little belly pooch removed.

It did get some of the fat off but it looks a little lumpy or something. It has been almost five months so I don't know if this is the result or not. I'm not sure how to describe it, like a tightness and cellutite mix. I hope it smooths out and looks fine.

Hello, I had vaser/smart lipo on my belly pooch also with the same lumpiness. Try endermologie treatments, they are working for me! I have had 4 sessions and notice a big difference. Good Luck!
Hi, I had it done 4 months ago on my little tummy pooch. It was great the fist weeks but when all the swelling went done I noticed around the belly button that there is still some fat. And now it make my stomach look lumpy. Every time I showed my doctor he kept saying it's the swelling and then said it's my muscle. Although to help me he offered 5 free treatment of laser yag but that didn't do nothing. So I am a bit dissapointed. Do you have any suggestions what I should do?? Nancy
I had Smart Lipo done a year ago, and same thing, I am still left with a pouch (uneven) of fat. I went back to the place I had it done (Isis Cosmetics, Tampa fl.) and they agreed to redo it and then went out of business this week.. I have heard the machines are not strong enough to get all the fat out... ? Wish I had done traditional Lipo now but good luck.. if you have gone 6 months that is probably your results.
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