Smart Lipo Bad Expirence

I had smart Lipo done on December 2008. I had...

I had smart Lipo done on December 2008. I had Apedermis staph and needed to be on IV with Vicomazin Antibiotics for period of 2 weeks.

Also needed to drainage my bumps that has puss inside. I had a lot of pain and discomfort.

Now my stomic looks so bad I don't know if it fixible I hope so. I need to hear with pepole with the same expirence pls help.

I am sorry abot your experience with SL, I am having mine May 28th and this does make me nervous. Has the pus ceased or is you stomach getting bigger with pus build up? You do need to get that draind because pus is a sign that the bacteria may still be there.Hopefully the pus is just trapped. As far as appearances, it looks like you need a tummy tuck....Again,I am sorry to see these results...What did your Dr. have to say for him/her self??
Yes please inform me on the name of your doctor. Will have procedure done and am scared.
I am scheduled for smartlipo in NY in a few weeks. Can you tell me who the doctor was? Thank you! I hope you are doing better.
Name not provided

He is not Plastic surgent he is Internal medicine Doc.

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