Smart Lipo by in Az =misdiagnosis and a Lumpy Mess

I had smart lipo in march of last year,and was...

I had smart lipo in march of last year,and was severely misdiagnosed by a dr with 24 years of experience.He told me that the big protruding lump on my lower left abdomen was swelling and fluid for 7 months!

He refused to send me for diagnostic testing or take my concerns seriously.He stuck a needle in my hernia and tried to aspirate fluid but there was none....because it was a hernia.

He smart lipoed over my hernia 3 times!even though he told me he would never do lipo over a hernia because it was too dangerous.He does not stand behind his work and does not keep accurate chart notes.

What I could read in them support the fact I had hernia symptoms at all time but he ignored them.I have since had it repaired by a dr who noticed it immediately and was amazed it took 7 months for the first dr to finally diagnos.

Hi Radgirl36- do you know if you had the hernia before the smartlipo, or was it only apparent after the surgery? Also, was it magor surgery to fix it? I'd be interested to know due to very painful symptoms that I am left with after my smartlipo...I know they're nothing like a hernia but they're present and I don't feel I have any positive results to celebrate. Thanks...hope you're okay now?

Hi Efcaz - perhaps you can offer a tip to another person who posted here about Smart Lipo Hernia

kulbhushan sharma

Dr did not give adequate patient care and misdiagnosed me.

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