Smart Lipo Was Awsome

I had Smart Lipo and it was really amazing! Just...

I had Smart Lipo and it was really amazing! Just the process was awsome.  My surgeon was very professional and did better then I would've imagined!

I had my abdomen, inner and outer thighs and my hips done.  The Dr made my stomach slim and sexy and made my muffin top on the top of my hips dissapear. She also got rid of the fat on my thighs. 

The only pain I felt was minor muscle pain when I put pressure on the areas, other then that I was fine.  I didn't take any a single pain pill and even took a nap during the procedure! It was so easy!

I feel that I look amazing now and can't thank mt Dr enough! I highly recommend her, she made me look and feel amazing! I'm so happy that I chose to do Smart Lipo and picked the perfect doctor.


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What doctor did you use in Mesa??
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Dr. Margaret Butler

My doctor was the best I could've asked for. Her office is located right on site with the Desert Banner Hospital. She was extremely proffesional and made the surgery simple and almost pain free.

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