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I had the procedure 5/15/09. The doctor was nice...

I had the procedure 5/15/09. The doctor was nice and the procedure wasn't too bad. I had the drainage for 24hr. I went for my post op check up almost a week after the procedure. The doctor indicated that I still had quite a bit of swelling, but I should be happy with the results after the swelling. I had the procedure on my stomach; love handles; bra area; and outer thighs.

Sometimes it feels like something in my lower stomach area is shifting. I'm also still pretty sore around the lower stomach area. Is this normal? When can I expect it to get better?

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i live in orlando and am thinkin of the procedure.. can i see photos of your results? are you happy? who was your doctor?
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Yes, I'm still sore in the stomach area as well as the other areas where the incisions are. The area around the incisions are hard/sore to the touch. My lower stomach is still swollen. It seems to swell more in the latter part of the day. I also try to massage my stomach area. I'm going to check into having massages done by a professional if it isn't too costly. As it relates to the changes from week 2 to week 3, not much. I'm beginning to see a difference in how my clothes fit. However, some of the areas around the incisions are more visible than others. I'm hoping that over time, this will go away. I hope my comments helps.
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I was reading your posts and you had your lipo done about a week before I had mine. Are you still sore in the stomach area? How is the swelling? Did you get any lumps? I have just developed a few lumps in my stomach area and have been trying to massage, but I'm still sore in a few places? Did your results change much from week 2 to week 3
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