Smart Lipo - Ab Ridge?

I had smart lipo on my lower abs (very small...

I had smart lipo on my lower abs (very small amount was removed - about 100 cc's) 5 days ago.  I can already see a "ridge" across my abs, from one hip to the other, almost like I have a tight 1 inch wide belt on.  Is this normal?

I know I should expect swelling, but why would the swelling be only above and below this 1 inch ridge? I read some reviews that maybe the doctor was too agressive in an area and this is what caused the ridge.

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i also have the ridge as well, i am two weeks out, but as someone else said, they lumps are always changing
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Hi Mandm, I saw your post days ago and was going to reply stating that I too have suddenly started seeing this "ridge" just below my belly button. I had smart lipo 11 days ago and had very minimal brusing if any on my abs. I had been doing little massages of the area and last night it dawned on me... go find the little HoMedics massager (that little tripod looking thing, cost $9 at Sharper image a year ago) and use that on the lumpy areas. I have done three sessions so far for about 5 minutes each area (abs and arms) and believe it or not, there is already a very big difference. The lumps are breaking up already! This little massager is very gentle and slides/vibrates across my skin quite easily so I can work the areas in long or short motions as needed. It's worth a try! Good Luck!!
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Thanks! I have one of those too - so I'll try it tonight and hope for the best. : )
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I had it too. You are only 5 days out and it will change. I was so swollen that any pressure from garments, laying on one area too long, etc. would leave an indent. I am 2 weeks out now and my indents change everyday. I hope you have the same thing I did. This is a long process. Good luck!
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