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I had Slim Lipo on my stomach, arms, buttocks,...

I had Slim Lipo on my stomach, arms, buttocks, jowls in one session (6 weeks ago) and then inner thighs, knees and back in a different session (1 week ago).

It is amazing how easy the procedure is. Slight pain from injection of solution and suctioning in places the solution didn't quite reach but overall not bad and I listened to my IPod during the procedure. I didn't take any pain killers (tumescent solution has pain killer in it) since I wanted to drive myself home (1/2 hr away). I had no problem driving myself home from procedures (waited about 1/2 hr after procedure each time). I went back to work next day. I felt a little sore the next few days after the local tumescent solution wore off but took Tylenol. I wore compression garments for three days and now wearing spanx just for comfort.

Results seem much better than traditional liposuction in that skin is smoother (very small cannulas are used). I will probably request that my arms are redone but need to wait 6 months since apparently still swelling.


I had slimlipo done 10 months ago to my upper and lower abs, flanks, and inner thighs. It was definitely not worth it! My stomach went from 29 1/2" to 31 1/2", even though I haven't gained any weight, and still eat the same foods! At each post-op visit I was told to be patient and give it more time. At my last visit the plastic surgeon barely said anything but suggested a re-do in January at a reduced rate. I'm not sure what to do. On one hand, I want to have it re-done, but what if I look even worse (larger) afterwards. I'm feeling depressed about all of this and would really caution anyone considering it to understand there is a very real possibility that you won't have any measurable result, or could even end-up looking worse than before.
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I had Slim Lipo done in July 2010. I had my hips, upper and lower abdomen, inner thighs, and my back done. I'm sure the recovery is different for everyone but I needed at least 2 weeks off of work, yet I was told by the clinic that I should only need up to 4 days off. At my 3 month check up the offices assist did all my measurements and I was up in measurements in all areas I had done. She said I was still swollen and at my 6month check up I would see I huge amount of difference. So at my 6month check up they again did all my measurements and I was now back down to the same measurements I stared with before my surgery. So I was neither up nor down! So now, the Doctor said he would do a touch up in all areas (yes free of charge) and so I went back into surgery 7 months after my 1st surgery. In April 2011 I now went to my 3month post op from my 2nd surgery and I'm up yet again in size. There assist again did my measurements and says well I have no clue then. Really? She sugguests nothing to me. However, I did ask to meet with doctor to see what he suggests (And that appointment is within the month). So NO it’s not worth it at all! And now I’m stuck paying $250.00 a month and I still look the same. I'm 5ft 6inchs, weigh 184lbs, and am as size 14 before and after Slim Lipo. So no change at all in all areas.
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I had slimlipo on my arms, abdomen, and flanks last June 09. I'm average size 5'4" and 142 lbs. While my abdomen may feel slightly smaller it looks very deformed and uneven. My left arm results fine, however right needs redone. My doctor will redo the melting of the fat again in June for a fee of $1000. She does not plan to do any lipo just fat melting. This is suppose to tighten the areas. Originally paid $6000 for 3 areas which was suppose to be a 1/2 price special. In looking at the prices posted doesn't appear I got much of a deal. I do like my doctor, and I realize any surgery is not perfect. Really wish I would have just lost 10 to 15 pounds and saved my money. I'll post the redo procedure results when I get it.
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Dr Susan Cramer

Board certified plastic surgeon who is skilled and a nice person.

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