Slimlipo for Inner and Outer Thighs

I had slimlipo yesterday 12/31 and it was...

I had slimlipo yesterday 12/31 and it was painful!! I had my outer thighs/hips and inner thighs done. My doctor removed more than a quart of fat. I was not overweight just had stubborn fat that would not respond to exercise. No pain no gain. I'm excited to see the results when the brusing and swelling go away. I'm taking Percocet but will switch to Tylenol soon. I thought the price was high but my doctor is the only Surgeon in Ohio to have the machine.

I had stubborn fat/saddle bags that would not...

I had stubborn fat/saddle bags that would not respond to exercise. I'm 5'7" and weigh 145lbs and work out 3 days per week but could not tone my outer/inner thighs.

I'm one day post op and am swollen, sore, bruised and in pain. This procedure is NOT pain free. I have a high tolerance to pain and have had plastic surgery done before, breast implants and upper eye lift. The Slimlipo procedures was very painful and intense at times. The procedure lasted about 2 hours under local anethesia. I also took Valuim and Percocet prior to the procedure.

I have to wear my compression garmet for up to 8 weeks for optimal results. I have an office job so wearing the garment to work will be no problem. I am going back in a couple weeks to have my stomach and flanks done and can't wait for summer weather to show off my new figure! My doctor and his Nurse Sue were wonderful! I highly recommend. I will post photos soon.

I am thinking about having my inner thighs done not a lot of fat there but Dr thinks its is what I need he say a day of down time? True? How bad is the pain? Any feed back will help thxs
I am having my inner/outer thighs, abdomen, and arms done on 02/13. Sooooo excited! I would love to see pics of your results if you can post some. :-)
Hi, l would like to have the same areas done as well. Would u pls let me know about the result u got and where did u have done, and how much u paid? Thanks a lot
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Be sure to go with a Board Certified Surgeon who has years of experience with traditional liposuction. I have the highest faith in Dr. George Picha.

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