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I had fraxel because of fine lines around my eyes,...

I had fraxel because of fine lines around my eyes, pigmentation, and pores. I'd had it twice before, and knew the process. Knew not to put anything active on my skin, I'm also very savvy with skin care and procedures. I was given a strong treatment (after asking for a strong treatment... but obviously assuming they would measure against my skin type etc) and told to use White Click Balance the 2nd day of Fraxel. I ended up with more pigment, tiny holes all over my skin, my scars look more prominent, and I was unhappy with her bedside manner. When I went back to air my concerns, I was belittled and treated as if I was imagining things. I have worse skin now than before, and I believe the treatment was way too strong and was given the wrong advice with using active ingredients. The clinic changed their story and didn't believe that I was told to use the White Click Balance, then said that its safe to use it, then told me its only a precaution to advise against active ingredients. I broke out in pimples and they told me it was hormonal or a coincidence... when I explained it was a normal reaction for me, that told so long to clear up. I was offered free omnilux light therapy, but not until I'd complained a few times. Both times I'd had it done previously I was put under the light immediately after the treatment, I should have been offered that when I went it with horrible breakout 5 days later but I was sent on my way.

White Click Ingredients (Kojic Acid: skin brightening agent, it balances skin tone and fades dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure and ageing. Niacinamide: Vitamin B3 improves skin moisturisation, acts as an antioxidant, has anti-inflamatory action, skin lightening properties. Sepiwhite: intensive lightening agent, effective on pigmented area but also on overall skin tone. L-Lactic Acid: whitening agent that also boost the exfoliation process. Linoleic Acid: increases epidermal cell turnover, therefore improving melanin dispersion L-Leucine: inhibits the transport of L-Tyrosine and L-phenylalanine into melanocytes therefore nurturing it with inhibitive precurson for melanin formation N-Acetyl Glucosamine: skin whitening agent that works in synergy with Niacinamide.)
Sorry to hear you are not happy with your treatment, how frustrating that you were treated badly by the clinic. Did you find that the Omnilux treatment helped at all?
yes it was great!

2 month update

So I've seen slight improvement, however I still have weird texture, pigmentation and the orange peel look. I've had a jessner peel since, and I tried emu oil and honey but it didnt do much.

I'm going to go for TCA peel, skin needling and see a dermatologist as my course of action. Will update
Danela you still are beautiful with great skin :)
Thanks for the update, wish you luck on the TCA Peel and Skin Needling. Keep us posted. 


So I've consulted with a dermatologist and a few other medical practitioners before going ahead with my own treatment plan.

I was advised to do a deep peel, like phenol... which is very intense. They have laser resurfacing now which has less downtime and side affects. It is still a very invasive treatment.

So after saying I didnt want anything as full on as that, we agreed that TCA peels in conjuction with just the anti pigment cream from cosmelan to fight the pigment.

I will use Rational skincare at home, along side some others. I will also try and introduce needling at home.
So do you feel that the first peel did anything? Let us know how the TCA's go. I have the exact same texture on my laser areas. At this point I think I could live with the holes if I could flatten out the texture.
I had a jessner peel a few weeks ago, and now I'm looking into where I should get the TCA. I feel like its improving some days, I also feel like its inflamed at times? People with bad acne problems have seen great results from TCA, so I'm excited!
Thanks Cleo... I updated a better pic to show damage.

Clear and Brilliant this Saturday

I'm going to get clear and brilliant this Saturday. Same company as Fraxel machine, but this treatment is far lower of a setting and my hyper pigmentation from the last time doing the full stregth laser isnt going away! I feel confident in who I'm seeing, if she believes after seeing my skin that I shouldnt do it then she will advise and I will update.
Hi who are you seeing if you don't mind me asking? Im suffering severely From scarred face From fraxel restore and it's been over 2.5 years it has stopped my life in it's tracks. I have the laser holes all over my face, shiny burn like texture especially my temples are chewed up.
I google it. A gentleman superglued his large pores together after using needle to make both side bleed and it healed together. Checking out gentle cauterizing too. I might try that with gluing one Huge micro scarring. I will use liquid skin. I am trying that after a few other things before prp, derma pen, lift(because I am older). Also read something intradermal Botox which might help you since your skin is tight.
Good luck I hope Clear & Brilliant fixes your concerned areas.

There is hope for fraxel damage

as crazy as it sounds... the clear and brilliant version of fraxel is really mild... already great results, picked up all my pigment and I will post some pics soon!
Please update pic. I am planning on trying TCA.
How are things looking these days?
Glad u found a better doc
Daniela Liga

Arrogant, all the Dr's there dismissed my concerns, and made out like complications never happen... despite the amount of reviews with people on Real self facing the same issues. Didn't explain to me that my outcome was a possible side affect, premium prices for

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