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Great for Taking Redness out of Skin

I had a series of IPL teatments on my face and...

I had a series of IPL teatments on my face and upper chest. My skin, especially around my lower neck/upper chest had permanent redness to it. The IPL took most of the redness out with the first treatment. The second treatment got the rest of it out. My skin color looks great. It was worth it for that reason. It did not make any difference that I could see for fine lines and wrinkles.


Hey - I am using IPL to ged rid of redness as well on my face. I don't have roseaca per se, but the redness bothers me. I had my first IPL with Levulan last Wed. When should I see results and the redness fade? Thank you so much.
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What kind of skin do you have? I'm going to get IPL on Friday. I consider myself to be a pale olive color, (I sometimes burn in the sun, but it turns brown after and I get some freckling at times). Just trying to figure out what I should expect.
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