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Skin Necrosis and Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasy 4 weeks ago. when the cast was...

i had a rhinoplasy 4 weeks ago. when the cast was removed, after 1 week, there was a necrotic area on the bridge of my nose with substantial depth. needless to say, this unexpected outcome has affected me terribly...i can't leave the house without a bandaid and im waiting for the area to heal before the damage can be truly assessed.

i had always been unhappy about the size of my nose especially the tip which was too wide. i never imagined that i would have this unusual outcome.

have you ever seen this complication? i am young, healthy and a non-smoker. i believe this outcome is due to vascular compromise to the area during the procedure...can you advise me? thank you
Hello Archie;

This can occur due to infection or, if a plaster cast was used, it can fold inward and cause pressure at the spot of the fold. Did your doc use plaster like they use for broken bones?
pleases. keep us informed about you and your doing, hope the best for you.

Wow, I've heard of necrosis after breast surgery and tummy tuck but never rhinoplasty. What did your doctor say when the cast came off? Did s/he seem surprised or concerned?

Please keep us updated with how you're doing.

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