Skin Flap Reconstruction

I had basal cell carcinoma on my nose. Apparently...

I had basal cell carcinoma on my nose. Apparently it was about the size of a pea and I had MOH's surgery to remove it. The following day I had plastic surgery to close it up. I believe I have about 20 stitches currently. The plastic surgeon did a skin flap reconstruction from skin from my nose.

The skin flap pulled skin from my left eye. It is extremely tight and looks lopsided and makes my eye really tired. Will it loosen up and even out when the stitches are out?

Something to consider: Moh's surgeons are specifically trained in performing reconstruction after Moh's surgery. Cosmetic/ Plastic/Reconstruction surgeons may or may not have as much experience in covering a hole after such surgery.
It will because my dad went throught the same thing only the flap came from the forehead to the will defiantly clear up and it will look good! :D
How did it go? I too had a cheek flap to repair a defect on my nose. (it was huge). My skin is so tight--I can't even fully smile.
Dr. Krishnan (MOH's) Dr. Murakami (plastic surgeon)

I can't tell what recovery I will have and how much of a scar I will have, but the doctors I was referred to were excellent. Bedside manner, compassion, ease, experience, knowledge, and location of their practice made me feel very confident in their ability to make me look as less of a freak as possible.

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