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Did One Treatment of IPL for Acne Scars/hyperpigmentation and Redness,

So I finished Accutane 6 months ago, went back to...

So I finished Accutane 6 months ago, went back to my derm and I asked something for scaring and redness, she said IPL laser. I also have ice pick scars but they are not that bad, but they are red. So I did one treatment and a couple days after I started breaking out... why is this? how long is this going to happen? My scars and redness are only located on my cheeks and im breaking out, why?

And as far as my red hyperpigmentation, when do these go away? Do they peel off or? Its only been 1 week so far since my treatment as well.

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Welcome and thank you for sharing your review.  I have included a link from our Q&A's on the breakout issue.

I Am Breaking out After IPL Treatment. What Causes It and What Should I Do?


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