Consult Scheduled in December - Sioux Falls, SD

So ladies I just wanted to introduce myself. My...

So ladies I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Melissa and I have a TT consultation December 19th, I know this is far off but I want to pay cash for the surgery so I need to save some more up! I have had 4 kids in 5 years and this did a number on my body. Im so excited to have a flat stomach! I'll be 25 soon but Im still not ready to give up on my dreams of a hot bod :-)

I had previously had a consultation but did not have the surgery as I got pregnant again but thats not happening this time lol. I'm considering a breast reduction but the surgeon I had talked too would not do them together. Im not as *set* on the reduction as I dont know if I will handle it well emotionally. I'm going to post before pics soon, please give me any and all advice you have! Also wondering if any of you had lipo at the same time? considering this for the "flank" area.

I was reading reviews on lipo and many people stated they gained weight after receiving lipo. Basically the fat they removed went elsewhere, anyone else found this too be true? Im already so nervous and its MONTHS away. I'm still so hesitant on the reduction but I do have time to decide atleast.

I have not found that to be the case with the lipo.   After you have a tummy tuck and lipo you do need to be on a strict diet and exercise routine in order to maintain the results.  


My surgery day is the 14th of Dec. I will be get the both of them together and I am not close at all to my ideal weight it would be considered risky,but it hasn't prevented me from scheduling. It's a matter of what your PS considers safe to do...alot of them have close or difference in because it is based on judgement call. Keep researching around your area.. you have a substantial amount of time to do so!!
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